From Pyara Aveda to Amika’s at Home Oil Treatment

Aside from purchasing new clothing and accessories, I always try to update my hair color around the back-to-school season as well. However, being a natural blonde, keeping a dark brown color in my hair and also keeping it healthy can be quite the tedious task.

Pyara Spa and Salon

I recently visited the Pyara Aveda Spa and Salon in Harvard Square (Cambridge, MA). The salon itself was amazing. I was pleasantly surprised when I walked in the doors-functioning as a full salon and spa-Pyara’s atmosphere was extremely inviting and relaxing. I even managed to relax for two hours after a long, exhausting day at work. While I was at Pyara, I was treated to cut & color by Jackie-one of the newest ladies on their team.  It was fantastic! My hair was extremely long, so the color took a bit longer than usual, but I love having my hair done, so I didn’t mind one bit.  Jackie managed to color my hair exactly how I wanted it-even with the minimal amount of information I provided her with. She then cut my hair and spent ample time perfecting it, which I really appreciated.

Pyara Aveda Salon

As she finished, I realized my hair has never been so soft! I was going to pick up some products before I left the salon to try and achieve the same soft texture while styling my hair at home, but I was in a rush and unfortunately was not able to purchase any of the products that I wanted. I was so upset, so I decided I would need to venture out to the salon at some point in the near future!

Amika Oil

However, about a week later I was lucky enough to receive a sample of Obliphica Oil Treatment from Amika and was surprised at how soft my hair could be even after harsh treatments such as blow drying and straightening. I’ve never really used oil on my hair, but now I see how different it feels and looks after using it. My hair tends to become quite frizzy with exposure to any kind of elements, but with Amika oil, it’s much easier to keep straight and frizz free.

If you’re looking for a simple treatment for frizzy or stubborn hair, check out Amika’s product line for solutions that won’t put a major dent in your bank account.