High Fashion, Low Maintenance: Macy’s Goes Mobile With QR Codes

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Technology is always a driving force in the fashion industry (i.e. Project Runway’s HP pattern making challenge).  Now it is time for the latest and greatest in technology to revolutionize our shopping experience.  Macy’s is trying to do just that with the launch of its Backstage Pass this week.  The campaign features QR and SMS codes around the store that connect shoppers to videos by their favorite Macy’s celebrity designers directly on their mobile phones.

These codes deliver quick 30-second videos to shoppers, with the option to continue on to longer content.  These engaging videos will feature style guides, tips and trends from famous designers such as Tommy Hilfiger, Bobbi Brown, Michael Kors and Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs as well as some of the nation’s top fashion bloggers.  Some of the videos are already available to view online before you hit the store.

Don’t have a QR reader on your smartphone or even know what a QR code is?  No problem.  QR codes, or Quick Response codes are the latest in mobile technology.  They are square codes, similar to a bar code, which phones scan and read, quickly accessing online content.  You can download a free QR reader on your phone by texting ‘reader’ to MACYS (62297).  The videos can also be accessed without a QR reader by texting the keyword next to each Backstage Pass to MACYS.

The Backstage Pass campaign doesn’t stop there.  In a few weeks after the launch, Backstage Pass will feature content from two of Macy’s most popular lines, Martha Stewart and Madonna’s Material Girl.

Try out the Backstage Pass right now and scan this QR code to get tips from makeup artist Bobbi Brown.