WTF of the Week: The Intimia Breast Pillow

Don’t you just hate waking up every morning wishing you had the perfect nighttime support for your girls? With all the tossing and turning, your breasts really take a beating, leading to unsightly chest wrinkles — a huge problem for women. At least, that’s what the folks at Intimia seem to believe.

So how does the company suggest you avoid rack wrinkling short of botoxing your boobies? Simply heave apart your cleavage with the new Intimia Breast Pillow.

Created by aesthetic nurse specialist, Irene Komsky, R.N., the Breast Pillow “comfortably separates the breasts while you sleep in any position, preventing new wrinkles from forming and improving existing lines.” And for the ultra-low price of $59.95, you too can have your own satin strap-on pillow that looks about as comfortable as wearing a jock strap looped around your arms.

But don’t keep your breasts’ new bff to yourself — Intimia urges you to buy one for your mom. After all, what better Mother’s Day gift is there than a cushy reminder that her breasts will never be as bountiful as they once were.

Photo: Intimia

  • Randall

    You should do everything you can to protect the girls!!!

  • Lisa O.

    I DO sleep with a king size pillow between my breasts down through my knees. I had a breast lift and augment 5 yrs ago. Sleeping with the pillow between my "girls" is very comfortable. I never thought about wrinkles, though…. hmmmm….

  • Kelly

    There might actually be something to this…Large breasted women can definitely get wrinkles from sleeping with their girls crushing each other. But I'm not sure how comfortable this could possibly be. I've also seen sticky sheets that you apply to the chest to stop it from wrinkling. Kind of the same theory behind packing a dress in tissue paper, I suppose….