Last Minute Holiday Gifts

I’m sure we have all experienced those hectic last few days before Christmas, when we’re trying to power through the lingering last items on our shopping lists.  You know, those last few people who can be so difficult to shop for?  Well, in hopes of helping readers avoid this situation, I’ve compiled a little list of some last minute, yet thoughtful gift ideas. Check it out below!

For the Fashionable Chef:

Can you find more adorable measuring spoons?
Whip up a tasty holiday treat with this whisk

Any lovely lady who enjoys cooking a delicious meal or whipping up some scrumptious desserts will totally love these decked out Anthropologie measuring spoons ($18) and multi-color whisk ($8).   They’ll definitely appreciate that you spent the time really trying to find something that they would enjoy and use.  Plus it’ll totally liven up their kitchen!

For those Beauty-Product Collectors:

Be a gracious gift giver

How can you go wrong with Philosophy’s Amazing Grace Collection?  A set including perfumed shampoo, bath & shower gel, spray fragrance, and perfumed body butter at $49.50 sounds like the perfect gift to me!  I’ve found that the multi-purpose shampoo, bath & shower gel has always been a favorite around the holidays for those hard to gift friends and family.

Pass over the palette

If you know that the lady you’re handing this gift over to enjoys make-up (of any sort), there’s no way she wouldn’t enjoy this one.  Urban Decay has created the Naked Palette ($48) which includes 12 neutral eye shadows and a pro-quality shadow brush.  Even just receiving one Urban Decay shadow is an exciting day for me, imagine being given 12!

For the Hostess/Party Planner:

Hostess with the mostess

If you have that one friend that always seems to be hosting the social events events and holiday parties at her home, let her know you appreciate all her hard work and gift her a Society Social Hostess Gown! ($165) While there are red and green gowns, which are totally perfect for holiday party attire, there are even more colored gowns for special occasions throughout the year!

Try not to be blinded by the bling

For the party-planning friend who just seems to have it all, gift a Society Social Crystal Vintage Cocktail Ring! ($58)  Give your friend some dramatic sparkle to don during her fashionable soirées!  Available in a variety of colors, you’re sure to find the perfect ring.

What will you be gifting this holiday season?