Nails Take a Road Trip with OPI ‘Touring America’ Fall Polish Collection

In D.C./Northern Virginia, the intense heat wave we’ve had for about a month finally broke.  And though my husband mocked me thoroughly for “becoming Southern,” I truly felt like I was experiencing the first glimpses of fall (yes, it was 84 degrees….but when you have had a heat index of 105, it feels chilly at 84).

Until now, I’ve been trying to soak up summer for as long as I could — living in the moment — but even though it’s only early August, I can’t help but become entranced with thoughts of tweed skirts, corduroy blazers, patterned tights and richly dark nail polish. When the folks at OPI sent along the new fall Touring America collection, it was if Mother Nature was giving me permission to dream ahead.

The OPI Touring America Collection

The new OPI Touring America collection consists of 12 nail polishes — most of which have a cream finish, which is perfect for fall in my mind. As with seasons past, the Touring America collection features deep, rich colors, though this time around, many of them also fall into decidedly “neutral” territory, with of khaki and taupe. There are also a couple of surprising bright polishes to round out the collection, perfect for polish lovers who just aren’t sold on darker colors.

But enough about describing the OPI nail polishes…see for yourself!

The Neutrals:

  • Uh-oh Roll Down the Window — Even though the name doesn’t conjure up the best images, this mossy green khaki nail polish actually reminds me of camouflage. Think it will attract any soldiers?
OPI Uh-oh Roll Down the Window
  • French Quarter for Your Thoughts — This steel gray (think: file cabinets) looked a little swirled in the bottle, even after rolling/shaking, but it came out completely smooth and creamy when applied.
OPI French Quarter For Your Thoughts
  • Suzi Takes the Wheel — I don’t know who this Suzi is, but she seems like that annoying little sister who wants to be just like her big sister, French Quarter for Your Thoughts. The only difference? She’s a teeny-tiny bit more blue…and she apparently doesn’t like to come in focus in pics.
OPI Suzi Takes the Wheel
  • A-taupe the Space Needle — I’m not sure if taupe is big in Seattle, but when you get a deeper shade that has a little bit of brown like in this nail polish, it’s a win in my book. However, I know this won’t go over with everyone, because my friend blurted that it looked like baby poo. I say, “Poo on you,” haters!*
OPI A-taupe the Space Needle

The Deep Shades:

  • Get in the Expresso Lane — Now THIS is a deep, cool brown I’m sure most people can get behind. So deeply rich that you can almost smell the coffee grounds brewing!
OPI Get in the Expresso Lane
  • Honk If You Love OPI –Are you still crying over using up the last bit of your OPI Lincoln Park After Dark from years past? This new deep dark plum will do the trick, while emphasizing a bit more on plum.
Honk If You Love OPI
  • I Break for Manicures — Ever see a deep shade of dusty, gray periwinkle? I vote this polish as the most original color, since it’s not quite a “greige,” it’s not quite a purple and it’s not quite a taupe. What it is? Cool.
OPI I Break for Manicures
  • Road House Blues — How about a little muted navy to add a little pizazz to your fingertips? I love wearing this when I want to feel a little sea-worthy bold, but without going overboard (yes, bad puns galore!).
OPI Road House Blues

The Brights

  • I Eat Mainely Lobster — This is my favorite “I’m-not-giving-up-on-summer-just-yet” color. It’s just the perfect bright coral that makes me want to run back to my old New England home. But like my husband said, I’m “southern” now, I guess.
OPI I Eat Mainely Lobster
  • Are We There Yet? — Another nagging little sister, but at least she’s hot. This shade is a little less “in your face” bright coral than I Eat Mainely Lobster, and it has a slight shimmer (very slight) with a little more orange in it, but you can’t deny they’re related.
OPI Are We There Yet
  • Color to Diner For — This nail polish had me craving cranberries. It also has a slight shimmer — emphasis on “slight” — but it is much more rich and warm than the previous two above.
OPI Color to Diner For
  • My Address is “Hollywood” — The obligatory pink in the Touring America collection, this shade is brighter on your nails than it appears in the bottle. Not a bad thing in my book, but good to know before buying it.
OPI My Address is "Hollywood"

Phew! Got through all 12 beautiful colors. Which is your favorite?

Photos: Anne Houseman/OPI

*Not really. I like differing opinions. And see Alex -- I'm totally calling you my friend. :)