Sail into Spring with the New China Glaze Anchors Away Collection

Each spring, nautical styles come out in full force, and this year is no exception. But this time around, we’re looking to let our fingertips do the talking with the new China Glaze Anchors Away nail polish collection.

When China Glaze asked me to check out their Anchors Away collection, I was thrilled to swatch all 12 polishes so that you readers can see what they look like “in real life,” since sometimes the colors don’t look the same as online sample swatches. (Case in point — you’ll notice “Ahoy” is more of a deep fuchsia than the bright pink swatch at the China Glaze website — but we’ll get to that in a second). So when the box arrived, I was ready to raise anchor.

I must say — I felt a tad nostalgic just by reading the names alone, since this time last year I was living in Boston, where sailing and sea-faring activities are as commonplace as lobster rolls. Of course, wearing these new nail polishes are a great consolation prize. Now, on to the swatches!



A trailblazing fuchsia, Ahoy contains small glitter particles, creating a hint of shimmer.  This goes on solid with one coat, (no streaks), so you could get away with one coat if you were in a huge time crunch.

The China Glaze Pic
China Glaze Ahoy: Our Swatch


Life Preserver

Much like the life preservers of yesteryear, this rich cream color is a solid, deeper orange without being too stand-out (like the more neon life preservers now). It’s the perfect color for those wanting to explore options outside of your typical red and pink but without going overboard (Get it? Yes, I love my bad puns).

The China Glaze Pic
China Glaze Life Preserver: Our Swatch

Hey Sailor

Looking for a way to snag a sailor? This bold red will get you noticed in a hurry. A brighter, “orangier” red than your typical cherry, this cream color glides on streak-free and is likely (sober) Christina Aguilera approved.


The China Glaze Pic
China Glaze Hey Sailor: Our Swatch


First Mate

I’ve been looking for a good blue nail polish for a while (one that wouldn’t remind me of a smurf or a 14-year-old), and First Mate is as top notch as its name. This polish is a  true dusty navy blue cream in every sense. I loved it so much that I ended up putting it on immediately after I finished swatching all of the colors.



The China Glaze Pic
China Glaze First Mate: Our Swatch


While I know this collection is nautical-themed, Starboard could just as easily be your best bet for St. Patrick’s Day (can you guess what nail polish I’ll be wearing?). This bright Kelly green doesn’t apply as opaquely with one coat as the others, so definitely apply two to three for full coverage.

The China Glaze Pic
China Glaze Starboard: Our Swatch


One of the only sheers in the collection, Lighthouse is fairly transparent but packed with glitter for lots of sparkle. In this photo, I applied three coats to showcase the yellow. Not exactly my cup of tea because of my skin tone, but I think it would look amazing on others.

The China Glaze Pic

China Glaze Lighthouse: Our Swatch

White Cap

White Cap is another sheer, glittery polish that can look whitish or tinged with gold depending on the angle of the light hitting it. It’s neutral enough to wear to work, yet sparkly enough to stand out during cocktails. I applied two coats in this swatch shot.

The China Glaze Pic

China Glaze White Cap: Our Swatch

Pelican Gray

China Glaze hit the nail on the head when naming this color, though I suppose “Concrete Jungle” also could have been a good name if this were an “urban” theme. Great — now I’m just thinking about how great it would be to have a job naming nail polishes. Anyway, this cream needs a few coats to become truly opaque.

The China Glaze Pic
China Glaze Pelican Gray: Our Swatch

Sea Spray

There’s nothing quite like seeing a Robin’s Egg in the spring, and anyone who’s seen one in person will immediately identify with this cream sky blue. At first, I thought it was similar to Pelican Gray, but there’s definitely more of a blue pop to this opaque polish.

The China Glaze Pic
China Glaze Sea Spray: Our Swatch

Below Deck

Remember how “Greige” was so hot for fall? Well Below Deck brings the look back for spring. In fact, I found it to be virtually identical to the Essie Merino Cool color, so if you love the look of a deeper gray/beige with purple undertones, then this is the polish for you.

The China Glaze Pic
China Glaze Below Deck: Our Swatch

Sunset Sail

While some of the other colors in the Anchors Away collection are fairly bold, this polish is the perfect pick for one of the hottest trends for spring: nude nails. The color of Sunset Sail — a neutral peachy putty color — is similar to the natural color of my nail bed. If you hate the look of chipped nails (um, who loves that?), this is your new go-to, because even though it doesn’t chip easily (all of these are long-lasting), when it does, it will be as indiscernible as possible.

The China Glaze Pic
China Glaze Sunset Sail: Our Swatch



If you like neutral hues but want a bit of glitter, then Knotty is right up your alley. This transparent polish is bubblier than a glass of champagne with the fizz-tastic color to match.

The China Glaze Pic
China Glaze Knotty: Our Swatch

So tell me — which is your favorite shade?

Photos: China Glaze; Anne Houseman/BeautyXpose
Disclaimer: Products furnished complimentary for review purposes