Go Out With a Bang: Dior’s Bright Summer Nail Polishes

Summer may be winding down for some people, but personally, you couldn’t pry my sandals off until late September.  If you’re like me, Dior’s bright nail polishes in the Summer Mix collection are the perfect way to give your nails a final festive hurrah to see out the season.

Confession alert:  For the most part, I’ve poo-pooed luxury department store counter nail polishes, because I’ve found that many of the lacquers cost upwards of $15 a pop, and none seemed any better than the salon brands I usually use that cost half that (OPI, China Glaze, Essie and Nubar).  But until now, I’ve never tried Dior Vernis Gloss, and boy was I wrong.

Dior’s Summer Mix Collection

At $23 each, the Dior nail polishes are definitely among the priciest on the market, but they end up serving triple purposes — a base coat, the color, and a super high shine top coat, all rolled into one.  I’ve personally never had a single nail polish perform as well as the Dior Vernis Gloss. While many other polishes may claim to be three-in-ones, this is the real deal.

It’s also easy-peasy to apply the polish, because the Vernis Gloss comes equipped with a super wide brush, and the polish itself has a more gelatinous feel to it, so it stays put and it isn’t watery, spreading out all over the sides of your nail and cuticles. When you are done with two coats, your nails are as strong and shiny, and look just like you’ve had a professional manicure.

Here are the Summer Mix shades:

Dior Vernis Calypso #158

This is probably my favorite shade in the collection. Dior describes Calypso as a pomegranate red, but I’d describe it as more of a hot coral. Either way it just screams fun!

Dior Vernis Acapulco #118

Acapulco is a yellow that really reminds me of a more intense shade of a lemon meringue pie. It’s definitely not for the wary, but it’s the perfect way to get “notice me nails.”

Dior Vernis Cosmo #178

I’ve found that Dior’s Cosmo dries to end up just a little more coral-pink than the neon barbie pink you see in the bottle. Again, either way, I love it, because it screams summer.

Dior Vernis Lagoon #198

Whether it’s the pool, a river or the ocean, Dior Vernis in Lagoon will remind you of the water you like to frequent during summer months.  This bright blue is a stand-out shade that you definitely don’t see in every other nail polish collection!

The Summer Mix shades of Dior Vernis nail polish are currently available at Dior counters and online at Dior.com, but the season is almost over, so act fast if you’re going to pick them up!

Photos: Anne Houseman/BeautyXpose