japonesque safari chic bronzer brush

Japonesque Safari Chic: A Brush with a Wild Side

Lust after leopard print? Then you’ll love the Japonesque Safari Chic Bronzer Brush.

I must admit, I’ve loved leopard print all my life…and sometimes a little TOO much.

During one horrendously unstylish era I wish I could erase from memory, I actually simultaneously owned: a furry leopard print purse, a fuzzy leopard print cigarette case (yup, smoking was another really bad choice during that time period), a fuzzy steering wheel cover for my incredibly cool old gray Chevy Corsica, and a leopard print cover for my Nokia cell phone. This was also the same time frame as my hot pink feather phase. I was Bobby Trendy‘s muse.

Now that my teenage self is long gone (thankfully!) and I’ve learned that less is more, I still have a special place in my heart for leopard print. But now my leopard print is in doses that are more tasteful than tacky.

Take this leopard print bronzer brush by Japonesque for example.

japonesque safari chic bronzer brush 1
Japonesque Safari Chic Bronzer Brush

The Safari Chic Bronzer Brush is unbelievably soft and sweet, yet it has a wild side with its leopard print colored bristles.

japonesque safari chic bronzer brush
Bristling with leopard print.

Retailing at $22, the Safari Chic Bronzer Brush is really a multi-purpose purchase. The kabuki-style brush is great to use for mineral powder foundation, blushes, loose “setting” powder and bronzers, of course. I especially love how soft the bristles feel against my skin, since not all makeup brushes live up to my stringent bristle standards. What’s more, because the bristles are so smooth, you don’t get powder chunks stuck in between the bristles messing up the beautiful leopard print.

What is stuck on this brush? Me.*

*Okay, so I still have a groan-worthy sense of humor. Some things never change.

Photos: Anne Houseman/BeautyXpose