Product Review: Atopalm

If you live in the Northeast, or anywhere where temperatures drop below freezing, I’m sure you know the annoyance of winter dry skin.  The cold temperatures soak up all of the moisture from my skin, so I find that I’m constantly applying moisturizer to repair the damage from the harsh weather.  There isn’t a day during the winter season that you won’t be able to find hand cream somewhere in my bag.

But, I’ve been having trouble finding a new hand cream this season.  This could partially be because I’ve been so picky.  I typically look for the yummiest Christmas scented hand cream, but this year I wanted a hand cream that wasn’t scented like food.  However, I didn’t want a moisturizer that was necessarily unscented either.  Instead, I was on the search for a high-quality moisturizer that smelled fresh and clean, as I’m still obsessing over my Versace Bright Crystal perfume and didn’t want to mix the scents.

Luckily, Atopalm came to the rescue with their moisturizing hand and body lotions.  Created for dry and sensitive skin, Atopalm is great at repairing damaged winter skin without leaving an oily feel after application.

How awesome is this packaging?  I’m a big fan of simple and minimal design, so Atopalm wins in the design and awesome product categories.  The hand treatment ($18) and the body moisturizer ($30) are both available at Ulta stores, along with the rest of the Atopalm line.

How do you keep your skin from drying out during the winter?

Photo: Gabi Valladares/BeautyXpose