Dangerous Curves Ahead! Avon Define Your Shape Dress

As many of you know, I recently gave birth to my precious little baby girl, Colette. After all of the ups and downs and topsy-turvy tricks my body went through during pregnancy, I wasn’t sure what to expect in terms of my body during the aftermath. Truth be told, I couldn’t wait to recover from my c-section so I could begin to lose weight and work out again.

Well now here we are, two and a half months later, and I’m happy to say I’ve lost all the baby weight…but I was a big girl to begin with. I actually just rejoined Weight Watchers to help me get to a healthier weight and overall lifestyle so I can keep up with my little girl. In the meantime, as I’m on my latest weight loss journey, I’m sticking to the tried and true rule that you should dress in flattering clothes to accentuate the positives and minimize the not-so-positives. And you wouldn’t believe the dream dress I’ve found to do just that!

New mom alert!

Avon (yes that Avon) has come out with a dress that is bound to give you curves in all the right places — even if you don’t have them. The Define Your Shape Dress features a royal blue, hourglass-cutout silhouette surrounded by black side panels that visually carve out a slim waist while enhancing your hips and bust. It’s very Stella McCartney, but without the ridiculous price tag; this baby is only $39.99!

The silhouette carves out your curves

Avon’s website describes the Define Your Shape Dress as a “miracle dress,” and while most of the time I cringe at any brand claiming its product will work miracles, this time, I have to agree.  I was blessed with a naturally curvy hourglass figure, but this dress just made it all the more va-va-voom! If you have more of a straight body — or even an apple or a pear shape — this dress will fake the hourglass shape, making it look like you were born with it.

In addition to the silhouette color-blocking, two other things make this dress stand out from the pack: a faux-cowl neckline and heavy-weight fabric construction.

The neckline drapes with a piece of backing fabric behind it to cover up innapropriate cleavage

The neckline drapes in a way that will flatter you whether you are large chested or small chested. If you have a hard time keeping the girls in line during more conservative situations, you’ll definitely appreciate the piece of fabric behind the drape, which acts as a dickey or faux-tank top to keep inappropriate cleavage at bay.  What’s more, the entire dress is made of a heavier-weight cotton/polyester with spandex blend that doesn’t cling to every lump, so it’s a smooth solution for your wardrobe.

The Avon Define Your Shape Dress can be purchased online at shop.avon.com or through your local Avon representative. Will you be ordering one?


Photos: Anne Houseman/BeautyXpose
  • annehouseman

    Thank you, ladies!

  • gerrsbabe

    You look absolutely fabulous!!! I am going to the Avon site to look at the dress, but I am not really a "blue" person, so unless there are other colors, I probably won't be buying it!

  • Kristinbassett

    You look great, Anne! Hot momma!