Fab Find: Fragments Fashion Jewelry and Accessories

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Holiday shopping season is just around the corner, and we’re already pondering what gifts to get for family and friends.  But one thing is for sure – you just can’t go wrong with fashion jewelry!   This year, skip the mall for your accessories and check out a fantastic boutique online called Fragments (or you can head to the brick and mortar store in NYC).

The Story Behind Fragments

A selection of jewelry found at Fragments

Fragments was created in 1984 when Janet Goldman, founder and CEO, saw that the accessory market was facing a big void – designer fashion jewelry. Using her creativity and entrepreneurial skills, she created Fragments. The result? A niche market was born for fashion jewelry, and Fragments is now a leading brand in art and fashion.

Fragments presents a gorgeous gallery of fashion and jewelry and it’s known for bringing many famous designers to the market. With innovative collections with unparalleled craftsmanship, Fragments offers unique designs inspired from the energy generated by New York City. The city has exclusive fashion trends that can be seen on its streets.


Designers to Die For

There are several designers who add to the collection of the company, including: Alberian and Aulde, Alex Sepkus, Alexandra Mor, Ashley Pittman, Caroline Ellen, Chan Luu, Gurhan, Kevia, Miguel Ases, Sutra, and many, many more.

Some of our favorites include:

Alex Sepkus

Alex is a master of design who believes in genuineness. He is a craftsman who sees beauty in everything and works hard to craft it into his creations. He has passion and insight for his work and those two are his driving forces in life. Alex quickly gained appreciation in the world of fashion and received the New Designers of the Year Award in just five years of his career.

With the last decade, Alex has become known as a unique talent whose work is known for its fine details, and to understand the finesse in his work, it needs to be magnified — only then the brilliance and depth of the work can be understood.


Alexandra Mor

Alexandra’s works reflect a heritage of style and uniqueness that she inherited from her family, and her designs display a touch of French exquisiteness. The fashion jewelry she designs has perfect symmetry that goes around gemstones and diamonds. Her designs are always one-of-a-kind and are uniquely compelling.

With her hard work, each piece is predestined to be an heirloom. As her mother was a designer, fashion comes naturally to her. She pursued a career of film production in the beginning, but eventually fell in love with designing. Her jewelry reflects her passion as she uses delicate details and bold expressions.


Chan Luu

Chan Luu started her career as the founder of Boston boutique that had a number of European designers, and in just a few years, she started her own line of contemporary ideas and organic shapes. She has designed several beautiful wrap bracelets with semi-precious hand-cut stones, and she started the trend in the fashion industry.

Chan Luu is a famous name in bracelets. She has been in the fashion industry for many years, and has mostly worked in bringing different bracelet designs and materials, which is why her bracelets are considered unique and original.

Shop ‘Til You Drop

If you are looking forward to buying fashion jewelry this season, try Fragments — a brand that offers breathtaking designs to add to your jewelry collection.


Photos courtesy of Fragments