fall fashions American Apparel Circle Scarf

Fall Colored Fashion

Thanksgiving is THIS week.  What?  How did that happen?  Isn’t it still like…October?  I’m not really sure how this month has gone by so quickly, but I’m totally not complaining.  A holiday that lets me go home for a few days, eat a bunch of food, then wake up and shop at 5am the next day is totally cool with me.

While I’m very excited for the holidays, I’m also super ecstatic about being able to break out all of my fall colored fashion clothing — the burgundy, mustard yellow, brown — you get the picture.  I’ve done some (okay, maybe a little more than some) shopping and picked out a few of my fall colored favorites.

fall fashions equipment shirt
Collarless Slim Signature by Equipment

If you haven’t discovered Equipment yet, I’ll give you a few minutes to catch up.  Alright, are we good to go?  Though I love the site and its colored coded organization, I love the tops even more.  This Collarless Slim Signature ($204) is a great example of the basics Equipment offers – it’s perfect for everyday wear.

fall fashions American Apparel Circle Scarf
American Apparel Circle Scarf

I could live in circle scarves, really.  My striped circle scarf from American Apparel is my absolute favorite for fall and winter.  So, how about you try one out this season?  I’m loving this chocolate sheer circle scarf ($37), especially paired with the heather grey.

zara blazer fall colored fashion
Zara Blazer

Before I ask you why you don’t have this Zara blazer yet, I first need to ask myself why I don’t have this blazer.  A houndstooth blazer with elbow patches — I’m in clothing heaven.  Yes, I realize that sounds crazy, but it won’t in a second when I tell you the blazer is only $99.  Yes.  $99.

uniqulo corduroys fall colored fashion

Corduroy.  Mustard yellow.  Skinny fit.  Need I say more?  Probably not, so go check out this awesome Uniqlo creation ($39).

What fall color is your favorite?