One Look 5 Ways: How to Wear Burgundy

We’re starting a new series here on BX – “One Look X Ways.” This specific installment happens to have 5 ways, but sometimes there might be fewer, sometimes more. The general gist … some of the BX will take one trend or theme and show you how to rock it a bunch of different ways. First up … how to wear burgundy.

1. First up, Lyssa

how to wear burgundy
I spy lots and lots of burgundy

2. Kristin

how to wear burgundy
Add a pop of burgundy to a neutral outfit

I bought these pants from H&M at the end of the Summer, and I wasn’t totally sure what to wear with them at first. No matter what I paired them with, I felt like a clown. I finally settled on this casual grocery-shopping outfit (the official name). It’s neutral up top, spicy on the bottom! I also bought a pencil skirt in the same color, which I like to wear with a white button up, riding boots and a fun, patterned scarf.

3. Kathryn

how to wear burgundy
Not sure if burgundy is your thing? Try it out with nail polish

While I was browsing my college bookstore, I came across the Nicole by O.P.I collection. For those who are not familiar with this collection, it is one that is associated with the Kardashians. The shades are all inspired by the famous Kardashian women. When I came across “Sealed With A Kris,” I had to get it. It’s not bright red, but is deeper and closer to burgundy. This dark shade is the only color I’ve worn on my nails for the past three weeks. I think it’s absolutely perfect for Fall, and I love it whether I’m in class during the day or out at night. This is by far my favorite nail color this season and even better, it only takes a coat or two to make it perfect!

4. Anne … well her coworker

how to wear burgundy
Taking burgundy to the face

Burgundy is a great look for your lips too — and you don’t need to necessarily wear it deep and vampy.  My work colleague, Alex, shows how you can get a beautiful “stained” look by just dabbing on a burgundy lipstick rather than “drawing” on a distinct line. She used NARS Pure Matte Lipstick in Terre De Feu to achieve this look. Muah!

5. Gabi

how to wear burgundy
A small pop makes a big difference
With the realization that I had given away my only burgundy piece, I knew I had to run to the nearest mall and pick up something to fill that little gap in my fall wardrobe!  While searching high and low for the perfect burgundy scarf, I stumbled upon the last burgundy flower ring in all of Old Navy.  I checked the accessories section on a whim, and came out with this beauty!  Though these pictures don’t do the real color any justice, it’s the perfect burgundy for fall.  Typically, I pair this color with subtle nail polish, but I thought a fun bright pink was necessary this weekend.  So, I threw on my new ring and my newly discovered Essie “cute as a button” polish, and headed out for an afternoon of finishing up tasks that have been in my to-do list for the past few weeks.  I know, not as exciting as you were hoping for!
How do you wear burgundy?
Photos: BeautyXpose