Mullets are in! Wait…what?

As I was perusing around boutiques in downtown Buffalo this past week, my bestie (who just came back from studying abroad) pointed out a skirt that she saw everywhere in Europe. Now, we can assume that European fashion is about three years ahead of us, but I have started to see this style sprinkled in amongst maxi skirts and dresses in the more up-to-date stores here in the states.

If you’ve read my posts in the past, you’ll know that I find myself gravitating towards anything ’80s, but a mullet is one thing I just can’t stand (sorry Billy Ray Cyrus). And oddly, as the title of this post suggests, this style skirt quite resembles the goofy hairstyle itself… but it’s cute… I swear. It may take some getting used to — my first thought was that it looked like a tail, but it’s grown on me, and while I haven’t gone on a hunt for one yet, I definitely will be soon.

As with most trends, there is a subtle way to rock it that closely resembles the ever-popular maxi skirt/dress and a severe way for the trendsetters. Take a gander!

Urban Outfitters- Kimchi Blue Tidal Skirt, $69
Urban Outfitters- Double Layer Chiffon High/Low Skirt, $59


Urban Outfitters- Keepsake Freedom Lovers Pleated Skirt, $165

Urban Outfitters is just one of the shops showcasing the mullet skirt style in a big way. Are you a fan?