Thinking Inside the Box: JewelBox

Remember back when I told you about Birchbox?  Well, I found another awesome “boxed” service.  Let me introduce you to JewelBox.  If you haven’t heard of it just yet, you’re going to love it – I’m sure of it.

JewelBox is essentially what Birchbox is — but for jewelry!  Exciting, right?  You first take a style survey right on the JewelBox website about preferences, coloring, etc.  You then trade $15 a month for a JewelBox and bam! You have a JKIM handmade piece of jewelry delivered right to your mailbox each month!  Awesome, am I right?

The best part is that you don’t have to sign up for a monthly subscription.  Meaning, if you’re in the mood for a handmade piece of Jewelry for August, but decide you don’t want another until October, you won’t be charged for September’s box.  Plus, when you order your first box you can get it for $10.  Not a bad deal if you ask me.

Wait, there’s even more.  If you don’t like the piece of jewelry you received, you can go right on the website or on the JewelBox Facebook page and trade with someone!  Although, after taking that survey, I’m sure the jewelry is fit to the preferences and likes of the shopper, but still – it’s a pretty cool service.

The JewelBox website features a little sneak peek of what might be coming up in the August box.  Are you convinced yet?

Are you thinking about signing up for JewelBox?

Photos: JewelBox/JKIM Jewelry