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Popping My Etsy Jewelry Cherry

September 13, 2012 will always be a special day for me, as this was the day I lost my Etsy virginity. I’ve spent hours perusing all of the handcrafted beauty that is Etsy, yet I had never sealed the deal with a purchase. Well, that all changed about a week ago. I had some money in my PayPal account, and I was ready to throw it away. I spent an hour looking at pictures of gorgeous necklaces, blinging bracelets and dainty earrings. However, none of them were calling my name.

Then, everything changed when I stumbled upon a set of three stacking rings from Autumn Equinox. One ring was knotted, one was twisted and the other was hammered. The description told me that I could mix metals – one per ring – and I was sold! I selected my size (a 7 on my middle finger, in case you ever want to buy me a ring. I won’t object!), indicated I wanted to spice things up with mixed metals and emptied out my PayPal account … of a whole $40. Hey big spender!

The only downside to this purchase? I had to wait a whole week for the package to arrive on my doorstep. While the wait was excruciating, it was definitely worth it. When the USPS tracker finally indicated that the package had been delivered, I danced in my seat all day at work, dying to get home. Once I hopped off the train that night, I raced home, ripped open the package and squealed with joy when I saw the lovelies in person.

Etsy Stacking Rings - AutumnEquinox
Good things really do come in small packages
AutumnEquinox Stacking Rings Etsy
Love is in the air!

I can’t stop looking at my finger now that I’m sporting these pretties. I can’t wait to make my next Autumn Equinox and general Etsy jewelry purchases.

What is your proudest Etsy purchase? Do you recommend any Etsy stores?

Photos: Kristin Bassett/BeautyXpose

  • Kristina Crowley

    I love these Kristin! Really awesome purchase.