Growing My Hair Out With Sassoon

Growing Out My Hair with Sassoon – Part 1

I love my hair. There, I said it. Vain, I know, but at least it’s out there. Now that we have that out of the way …

In May, I had the generous opportunity to meet with Cole Thompson at the Sassoon salon here in Boston. At the time we met, my hair was crazy long. We’re talking “past the bottom of the girls” long. After discussing their newest collection, I consulted with Cole about a hair makeover. While I was very attached to my long hair, I was itching for something new. In true Kristin fashion, my hairstyle decisions reflected my personal life decisions. I was going through a major career change (I was looking for a new job), and decided I would chop off my hair as an easy fix to my long-term job hunt. While I don’t think the two are in any way related, I did finally make the career leap a couple of months later … but that’s a whole different subject.

Anywho, after much hemming and hawing in the chair, I finally told Cole to just cut it short. But I gave a little disclosure: “I always do this. I grow my hair out for two years, and then something happens in my life and I cut it short. I’ll love it for a few months, then decide to grow it out again.” And while I do LOVE the short cut that Cole crafted for me, I have already started itching for longer hair. I just love the variety of styling options that present themselves when I have longer hair. Plus, I just feel more girly with long hair. Stereotypical and close-minded, I know.

Normally when I decide to grow out my hair, I simply won’t get a cut for several months at a time. This always results in having a very long “my hair has no shape so I’ll wear it in a ponytail” phase. But this time, I made a resolution to not race towards long hair and to, instead, grow it out stylishly. I’ll leave it untouched for 3-4 months at a time to allow for ample growing, but this frequency of trimming also allows for maintaining an actual style. While I wasn’t able to sit with Cole again (he was out of town and then moved to Sassoon in LA), I had the great honor of sitting with Antonio Pagano – the Salon Director.

Here’s me before my first Sassoon visit in May. I can’t even get over how long my hair was. I was WAY over-due for a cut.

Hair before Sassoon
Holy Hair!

My first visit to Sassoon left me with my favorite short cut of all times. I truly do love it, and I’m torn with cutting it this short again, but I know I’ll ultimately want to grow it out. If you want to read more about this trip, you can hop on over to that article here.

Growing My Hair Out With Sassoon
Cut #1


My second (and most recent) visit to Sassoon was in mid-September. (I apologize for the delay in posting – my life has been cray). While I really like this cut, I wouldn’t say I am in love with it like I was my first Sassoon cut this year.

Growing My Hair Out With Sassoon
Cut #2

I like that it’s inching it’s way closer to being as long as I want, and I like the fact that is has shape and a lot of movement. However, the layers are a bit more choppy/texturized/edgy for my personal preference. I don’t know the best way to verbalize it, but I prefer the more blended layering from cut #1. I also went with a middle part this time, but I think I’ll move back to a side part from now on.

All-in-all, I love the folks at Sassoon, and I can’t wait to see where they take my hair next. What I really wish is that I could push a button to choose if I wanted short or long hair that day. I think they call that having a bunch of wigs … but whatever.

Want to see some other Sassoon makeovers here at BX? Check out a double-header from 2009, and Anne’s 2010 makeover.

Have you ever been to Sassoon? What are some of your more memorable hair transformations?

Photos: Kristin Bassett/BeautyXpose; Disclosure