Our Conversation with a Stella & Dot Stylist

We’re so excited to be bringing you a recent conversation we had with Monica Noland, a fabulous Stella & Dot stylist. Here’s what we gabbed about…

Monica Noland

BX: Thanks for chatting with us today, Monica. How long have you been with Stella & Dot and how did you get started?  

MN: Hello there! I have been and Independent Stylist with Stella & Dot since January of this year.  It was completely easy to sign up, the hardest part was wrapping my mind around getting $350 in free jewels.  I just went online to Stelladot.com and signed up, no hassle.  I paid a sign up fee of $199 and in turn they supplied me with my own start up business.  They award you with a start up box that contains lookbooks, mailer, cards, and all your start up materials.  The bonus, you also get $350 of free jewelry of YOUR choice. 

BX: What drew you to working with Stella & Dot instead of similar jewelry brands?

MN: I’m a girl that loves fashion and a great bargain, Stella and Dot allows me to have  both.  Over 75% of our line is under $50 and celebrities LOVE us.  You can religiously catch Stella & Dot in Lucky Magazine, Us Weekly, on celebrities like Kelly Rippa, Katy Perry and much more! These gems are very “on point” as far as fashion, trend and quality.

BX: What is your current favorite piece and why?  

MN: Ha Ha It’s really hard to pin point a fave.  I catch myself reaching for the Alexandria Necklace for my everyday business attire, I think it’s an elegant but edgy enough piece I can pull off with dresses and suits.

BX: If you were going away for a fabulous weekend getaway but could only bring three Stella & Dot pieces, what would they be?  

I don’t think that is a fair question, can I wear as many pieces and than carry on 3 more pieces? lol  Okay, I would bring the Zahara Bib Necklace, all those amazing colors can work with so many solid pieces. Two, The Serenity Stone Drop Earrings – they stand out all on their own.  Third, the Luna Wrap Bracelet.  It’s such a versatile piece which can also be doubled as a necklace.

Zahara Bib Necklace
Serenity Stone Drop Earrings
Luna Wrap Bracelet
BX: Do you mind sharing some “looks” you would put together with these pieces?

MN: Sure, here are three looks I pulled together on Polyvore!

Look 1

Earrings: Stella & Dot; Top: Calypso; Necklace: Stella & Dot; Pants: J BRAND; Bracelet: Stella & Dot; Flats: Toast; Ring: Stella & Dot; Purse: Michael Kors

Look 2

Necklace: Stella & Dot; Dress: Aritzia; Earrings: Stella & Dot; Purse: Rebecca Minkoff; Heels: Gucci; Bangles: Stella & Dot; Spike Bracelet: Stella & Dot; Serpent Bracelet: Stella & Dot

Look 3

Necklace: Stella & Dot; Earrings: Stella & Dot; Top: Aritzia; Shorts: Abercrombie; Cardigan: H&M; Purse: Michael Kors; Sandals: Steve Madden; Bracelet: Stella & Dot

BX: One last question – do you have any parting fashion and style words of wisdom for our readers?

MN: Always be true to you! Fashion comes and goes but you create your own style. Don’t let anyone dull your sparkle. 🙂

BX: We lied 🙂 One more questions – how can we keep up with you and order pieces?

MN: Order online and  follow me on Facebook