Outfit Post: I’m a Giraffe

So I’m not literally a giraffe (in case you couldn’t figure that out on your own), but I’m pretty sure this dress is giraffe print, which obviously makes me a giraffe by association. It’s been a long week (yes I know it’s only Monday), so excuse my nonsensical rambling.

I found this dress (by Valerie Bertinelli) at my local TJMaxx last Friday while I as shopping. Some people drink after a hard week of work, but I shop. I rationalize my unnecessary spending by reminding myself that’s it’s healthier for my body than excessive post-work drinking. I love a good animal print, so I couldn’t put this dress back on the rack. Next time, I am definitely going to style it with a colorful belt and maybe even a statement necklace. Getting crazy, I know.

Does this giraffe print make me look taller? (Bad joke, I know)
I feel like I'm hosting the weather segment on the news in this photo
Just trying to show off my new earrings
My cute new earrings (which were absolutely not visible in the above photo)
All my jewels

 Dress – Valerie Bertinelli (via TJMaxx); Sandals – Target; Earrings – Found (which is the name of a consignment shop); Watch – Michael Kors; Black and gold bracelet – Found (which is the name of a consignment shop); Middle three bracelets – gifts from family and the BF; Far right bracelet – Found (which is the name of a consignment shop)

What do you all think of animal print?

Photos: Kristin Bassett/BeautyXpose

  • annehouseman

    I like the dress on you, but I love your hair even more. What tool did you use to style it?

    • Kristinbassett

      Thanks, Anne! I used my beloved Sultra "Bombshell" curling wand.

  • Monica Noland

    LOVE THE DRESS!!!!!!! xoMN

    • Kristinbassett

      Thanks, Monica. I was so excited when I found it!