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DIY: 2-Ingredient Body Scrub

Now that the Summer is coming to a close (hurry up, boots season!), I’ve noticed that my skin is a little parched from the heat and sun. It’s time that I treat my skin to some extra TLC. While I am willing to spend a lot on my hair, makeup and clothes, I am not one to spend a bunch of money at the spa getting massages, manicures or facials. So when it comes time for a little TLC, I head straight to … the kitchen.

No, I don’t bake myself into oblivion, but I do whip up a nice batch of DIY body scrub. A little olive oil, a little sugar, a lot of silky-smooth skin.

body scrub
Body scrub or dinner?

Unlike with most recipes, I don’t follow this one exactly. I measure out the sugar to start, but then I add in as much or as little olive oil as I see fit. I normally pour in enough olive oil so that all of the sugar is covered and then a little bit more. Totally scientific, you see! The sugar acts as a natural exfoliant and the olive oil a moisturizer. Just be careful to not use this as a facial scrub, the sugar is too abrasive.

Disclaimer: Bathtubs are slippery. Olive oil is slippery. Bathtub + olive oil = really, really slippery. Careful with the rest of your shower after rinsing off, your bathtub will feel like a slip-n-slide.

Do you have any favorite DIY body care recipes?

Photos: beautyXposé