Hair Tutorial

Hair Tutorial: Loose Curls for Medium-length Hair

You guys, I did something awkward (for the second time in two years). I posted a hair tutorial on YouTube. I felt so strongly about my loose curl hair style that I thought the world both deserved and needed to see it. Who do I think I am, a famous vlogger?

I didn’t include it in the video (I had to edit the video and get it up quick before I changed my mind), but here is a lovely selfie that was taken several hours after I filmed the video. Just wanted to prove that the look does last throughout the day … and a brisk walk to your local TJMaxx.

Hair Tutorial
If I don’t look at the camera, this selfie isn’t as lame as the rest, right?

One hair tutorial not enough for you? Check out my front french braid tutorial or comment below on what other hair looks you’d like to see.

What is your go-to hair style?

Photos: beautyXpose

  • Kath TheFabZilla

    Loving the soft loose curls!

    • Kristin Bassett

      Thanks, lady!