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Weekend Reading List: October 11, 2013

I want to start by apologizing for missing last week’s reading list. I got a little bit distracted by seeing Potted Potter and visiting Providence, RI. See that fun little image down there? That photo was taken in the Providence Athenaeum. If you’re ever in Providence, check it out!

reading list
What are these “books” you speak of?

Anywho, this week, I’ve been devouring these posts on fashion, beauty and Halloween costumes. These posts to be specific …

  1. Get Acne Under Control With This $3 Product – I’ve had some pesky out-of-character pimples recently, so I’m curious to give this a try. Anyone else ever heard of this trick?
  2. Gems – Kendi always has the cutest outfits, and this little gem (see what I did there?!) is no exception. Plus, I just really want that blazer.
  3. Fall Makeup Trend – Maybe I’m a terrible beauty blogger, but I was not aware that red eye makeup was a trend. Would you/have you rocked it?
  4. Navy & Red Feat. a Hint of Fall Floral – Squeeee (not sure what that noise is, but I’m going with it) I love the color combination of this outfit. Also, give me that blazer.
  5. Queen of Hearts Halloween Look – If you want to spend more time/effort on your Halloween costume than my Kate Middleton idea, check out this AMAZING costume/makeup.

It’s show and tell time – what did you read this week?

I’d love to know, what kind of posts are your favorite to read/watch?

Photo: beautyXposé

  • abigailsterling

    Thank you so much Kristin!! have a fab weekend!! Xx