Must-Have Fragrances

I admit it, I have a fragrance addiction.  I can barely walk into a Sephora without smelling about 10 perfume bottles.  Really, it’s a problem.  At the moment, I have quite the interesting collection – L’Occitane, Burberry, Aerie, Versace, and more.  But, I have been good enough to narrow down my favorites this year to just four.

I’m really into sweet, airy, and flowery fragrances.  I’m known to wear lighter scents – musky just doesn’t appeal to me at all.  If you have a similar taste in perfumes, these four are going to be right up your alley.

Why pick one when you can pick four?

Check out my favorite four fragrances below:

  1. Marc Jacobs: This Marc Jacobs scent has me totally in love.  This Daisy Eau So Fresh is fruity, playful, and light enough to wear everyday.
  2. Versace: Versace’s Bright Crystal will always be one of my favorites.  This scent is refreshing and sweet, and a perfect mix of pomegranate and peonies.
  3. CLEAN: A few years back I met a woman at work who was wearing the most amazing perfume.  I couldn’t help but ask her what she had on – it was CLEAN!  After a few moments of confusion about the name, I pulled out some receipt paper and promptly wrote it down.  And honestly, it really does just smell so….fresh and clean.
  4. I had heard so much about the Flowerbomb craze, but I somehow managed to not actually wear it until earlier this month.  I was immediately obsessed.  The mix of Jasmine, rose, freesia (to name a few) is to die for.

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What is your must-have scent this year?