New OPI Liquid Sand Nail Polish: Bond Girls Collection

OPI’s latest Liquid Sand nail polish collection honors six classic Bond girls. Products were sent for review, but opinions are all Anne’s own.

OPI's Honey Ryder
OPI’s Honey Ryder

First there were shimmers, glitters and holographic nail polishes. Then mattes came on to the scene. Now, OPI is paving the way for nail polish’s latest trend, a gritty mixture of matte polish infused with glittery specks that the brand has coined Liquid Sand™.

Worn without a top coat to make sure the matte texture shows,  I’ve found that Liquid Sand nail polish stays on longer without chipping compared to your typical high-shine polishes. It’s like the rough particles “glue” the rest of the matte polish on to your nail so it doesn’t flake off as easily.

That also means it takes a little more effort to remove, and you need to let the nail polish remover “soak” your nails via a cotton ball for a little longer so all the glitter comes off. But it’s not any worse than removing any other nail polish with glitter chunks.

Liquid Sand nail polish is definitely one of those trends that people will either love or hate. Personally, it’s not my style for the most part, though there is one particular polish in the Liquid Sand Bond Girls collection that I am crazy for because it’s the perfect blend of bright color and golden glitter, creating a completely unique look. Otherwise, I’m just a high-shine girl at heart, so it isn’t my thing, but why don’t you check out these swatches and judge for yourself?

OPI Liquid Sand Nail Polish Bond Girls Swatches

Solitaire — A pearly white polish with silver glitter flecks. This isn’t as opaque as some of the others, so you may want to apply three coats.

Liquid Sand nail polish opi solitaire

Pussy Galore — A light pink polish with a gritty texture. You really can’t see any glitter sparkles once the polish is dry.

Pussy Galore
Pussy Galore

Tiffany Case — A light turquoise blue with silver glitter sparkles. Not exactly the classic “Tiffany blue”  you might expect given the name, but it’s still pretty.

Tiffany Case
Tiffany Case

Vesper — A deep eggplant purple. I consider Vesper the black sheep of the bunch, because there is no visible sparkle at all, and it just looks messy, like I accidentally smudged my wet nails into debris before it dried.

liquid sand nail polish vesper opi

Honey Ryder — A true gold-on-gold. This champagne gold polish could easily be confused with the villainous Goldfinger!

Honey Ryder
Honey Ryder

Jinx — A bright orange/coral polish with golden glitter peeking out. This is my favorite of the bunch, and I’ve gotten compliments whenever I wear it!


These six shades ($9 each) are available in May at Professional Salons, including Beauty Brands, Chatters, JCP Salons, Pure Beauty, Regis, Trade Secret, and ULTA.

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Photos: OPI; Anne Houseman/beautyXposé