Revlon Gets Heavy Metal With Titanium-Infused Hair Tools

Shoot me if this look ever comes back.
Shoot me if this look ever comes back.

Revlon hair tools with titanium create hair styles that last. Products were sent for review, but opinions are all Anne’s own.

Hair bands may be best left in the ’80s, but your hairstyle can still get heavy metal with the latest Revlon hair tools.

No, I’m not saying they’ll help you sport big, teased tresses, I’m saying the Revlon® CurlStay™ and SmoothStay™ lines of hair care tools are infused with Titanium for faster styling to create looks that stay put.

Faster styling means your hair isn’t exposed to heat as long (which makes sense), so your strands retain more moisture. According to Revlon, the results are smoother curls, deeper waves, and sleeker, straighter styles all day long.

Revlon hair tools with titanium
Revlon SoothStay and CurlStay titanium Revlon hair tools

So that I could see the results for myself, Revlon sent along the CurlStay 1″ curling iron and the SmoothStay 1 1/2″ straightener. I happened to be visiting my sister, who has to-die-for hair (which I snipped all off as a child in a jealous rage way back when), so I figured I’d make amends for the unwanted haircut I gave her as a six-year-old and let her showcase how the straightener works.

Can the Revlon SmoothStay straightener create styles that last?
Can the Revlon SmoothStay straightener create styles that last?

Typically, my sister curls her hair, but she occasionally straightens it using a wide-plated Revlon straightener she’s had for years. After using the Revlon SmoothStay, she definitely saw the results, and it did the job to create a smooth, sleek style on a extremely humid day.

revlon titanium smoothstay straightener before and after revlon hair tools

Check out how well it worked!

Overall though, my sister prefers her Revlon straightener with wider plates because she feels like it can cover more hair surface area at once. I tend to disagree, as I always love straighteners with smaller plates. But whoever said sisters agree on everything?

I’ve  tested out the Revlon CurlStay hair curler for the past couple of months myself, and I have to say I’m absolutely in love with it. It heats up extremely quickly, which is exactly what I need since I’m always in a rush in the mornings (if you saw my household in the a.m., you’d swear a tornado touched down with the flurry of activity).

My curls stayed put all throughout my daughter's first birthday party!
My curls stayed put throughout my daughter’s first birthday party.

I’m not sure if it’s because of the titanium, but I do know that my curls last all day! I’m always impressed when I come home from work and see that my hair looks just like it did before I left. And when we held a first birthday party for my daughter on what felt like the hottest day this summer, my curls stayed put the entire time, despite the humidity.

After testing the new titanium Revlon hair tools, I guess it’s official: I’m a fan of heavy metal hair.

Photos: Anne Houseman/beautyXposé
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