November’s Etsy Finds

I’ve always loved Etsy and all of the creative artists and shop owners you can discover there.  However, it wasn’t until I opened my very own Etsy shop, that I realized just how awesome it feels to support small businesses (the packaging from Etsy purchases is spot on).  So, while searching the treasure trove that is Etsy this past weekend, I found a few gems for you.

November’s Etsy Picks

This month, my Etsy finds are more or less a mishmash of random items that make me think of colder weather, fall fashion, and dressing up for the holidays.  Check them out for yourself:

I just want to curl up in this sweater!

How cozy and comfortable does this oversized cream sweater by alacloth look?  I definitely spend the colder days snuggling up in leggings, an oversized sweater, and warm knee-highs.  I’m thinking this might be the next sweater I add to my winter collection.

I would never want to let go of this clutch

I’m obsessed with this brown oversized leather clutch by MISOUI.  Really though, just look at how gorgeous it is!  I’m thinking I’m going to have to put this on my Christmas list.

No chance my neck would get chilly in this cowl

My early morning walks to work have become colder by the day.  I often bundle up with my favorite Forever 21 infinity scarf, but I’m definitely in need of a new one.  I’m thinking this chunky butterscotch cowl by Yarn Plus Yarn might be the next addition to my scarf collection.

Yes, please

This quartz sterling silver ring by Idiosyncratic Things is in here because, well, look how fabulous it is!  As the holiday season nears, I’m often on the lookout for the perfect addition to my Christmas and New Years Eve looks.  A ring like this one is already on my shopping list (surprised? probably not).

What awesome Etsy finds have you made this month?

Photos: beautyXposé, etsy; Disclosure