Wantable August Accessories Box

I love fun accessories, so I jumped at the chance to give the Wantable August accessories box a try recently. I’ve tried another “personalized” subscription box once before, but unsubscribed because the products didn’t match my style profile. Since that experience, I’ve been wary of how personal these personalized boxes could really be.

Welp, I was proven wrong. The personalization phase of Wantable was actually quite intense. After a few pages of rating how much I liked or disliked certain styles and products, I was starting to zone out, clicking with reckless abandon. Now that I think about it, I should probably go back and double check my style profile to make sure I didn’t “like” something I absolutely hate.

Excited to pop it open

So I finalized my profile, entered my shipping information and expected to wait in anticipation for a week. Two days later, this beautiful white box was waiting on my doorstep. I was floored by the delivery speed, as it was much faster than I expected. How exciting/awesome is that? Naturally, I dropped everything I was carrying, ran to the kitchen, grabbed the scissors and cut this bad boy open.

Yes, it is a beautiful thing
Look at those beauts!
A statement necklace, classic hoops and an everyday bracelet

Inside were three awesome pieces: a statement necklace, a pair of classic hoops and an everyday bracelet. While I love all three, it would have been nice if all three pieces could have been worn together. I could definitely sport the bracelet and earrings together, but they wouldn’t go with the necklace whatsoever.

A perfect, simple everyday bracelet
The necklace looks great against a simple black top
I love how classic they are, and how they’re blinged out on the outside and inside of the hoop.

While I love the style of all the pieces, I do feel obligated to disclose that they aren’t of the highest quality. Honestly though, I expected that seeing as the boxes cost $36 a month … or $40 if you don’t subscribe and purchase one-off boxes instead … which equates to a little over $10 a piece. I’d say it’s the same quality as pieces from Forever21 or H&M, from both of which I’ve had pieces that lasted me years.

I’ve worn all three pieces in public to rave reviews, so I’ll be keeping them in my regular rotation for now. I don’t think I’ll subscribe right away, but I do anticipate purchasing one-off boxes relatively regularly. The fact that you aren’t forced to commit to paying on a monthly basis is awesome! Please let me know in the comments if I’m wrong, but I don’t know of many other monthly box options that let you purchase whenever. The ability to get the goods when I want them makes Wantable so appealing to me. I can purchase boxes on the months I want without having to freeze and unfreeze my account. Hooray!

Are you assigned to any monthly subscription boxes?

Photos: beautyXposé