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Giveaway courtesy of POND’S

The other week, I let you all in on my newest skincare secret: POND’S Luminous Finish BB+. I swear, I can’t get enough of this BB cream.

Since my POND’S BB cream review, I’ve used it every single day to cover my skin imperfections and protect against the sun immediately, while fading my dark spots over the long term. I promise you I’ll be buying tons of it to ensure I never run out.

Thanks to the generous folks at POND’S, now you have the chance to get your hands on the new BB cream plus the entire POND’S Luminous line without spending a dime!

PhotoGrid_1378915325966Enter to win the giveaway in the Rafflecopter widget below, and one lucky reader will be selected at random on Tuesday, Sept. 17 at 8 p.m. ET to win this POND’S prize pack, valued at approximately $40:

  • Luminous Finish BB+ in both Light and Medium (keep one and share one with a friend!)
  • Luminous Moisture™ Day Lotion with SPF 15
  • Luminous Clean™ Cream Cleanser
  • Luminous Clean™ Daily Exfoliating Cleanser
  • Luminous Clean™ Wet Cleansing Towelettes (30/pack)

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Best of luck, beauties!


Photos: POND'S/beautyXposé
  • christine mondy

    I want to have a glow about me again! It's been too long

  • Vikki Billings

    Because I want to feel beautiful everyday!

  • Swtlilchick

    I like to look look luminous so my husband will always find me attractive and young.

  • Tanya White

    I want to look luminous for self confidence.

  • Sand

    I want to look luminous because I haven't been feeling well for the past couple of months.

  • AEKZ2

    I want to look refreshed!
    FB name Annette E

  • Deb C

    Luminous skin is beautiful and youthful. That's why I want it.

  • jtwark

    i want this for my wife, who already looks luminous but this will be a nice surprise

    joseph gersch

  • Jennifer Reed

    I want to look luminous so that I can look as good as I feel.

  • Lynne T.

    Because I will soon be turning 50 and want to look as good as I can.

  • Dawn VonZombie

    because as i age (45) my skin has changed a lot, it is not as luminous as it once was and i want that back

  • laura588

    I want to look luminous as I have now lost 70 pounds and I would love for my face to start to look as good as I am beginning to look.
    Laurie Emerson
    lauraemerson17 at yahoo dot com

  • ewhatley

    Younger and more radiant – sign me up for those miracles.

  • Karen Dilger

    would love to try these products

  • littodino

    The promise of luminosity is so tempting! Who wouldn't want to look better??

  • Cynthia Richardson

    I'm 54 and have a new grandchild. I want to look as luminous on the outside as I feel on the inside.

  • WWillows6

    I would love to look luminous because I'm recently divorced after 14 years of marriage and beautiful skin would help me feel more confident.

    Lisa Garner

  • Krystle

    Because my skin gets dull without sunshine in the winter!

  • Ashley

    BB Cream is the most convenient way to get coverage without layering on foundation.

  • @pbkup

    I haven't tried these products but been hearing good things about them Now I want to try them too

  • Deb S

    I'm getting ready to hit an age where wrinkles may start and I need to be proactive.

  • Kristina

    I want to look luminous for the upcoming winter season…it's hard to get a natural luminous glow without the help of the summer sun!

  • Niccole Tapp

    I want to look luminous for my wedding night! 🙂

  • Kit Novak

    I have been eyeing up this collection from Ponds! I am a busy mom/freelancer who doesn't have time for complicated or super involved skincare routines. I know trusty Ponds can help me in my "luminous skin in a pinch" quest!

  • Sherry

    Oh my! The more I age the more luminous I want to be, its fresh and youthful 😉

  • Lorena Keech

    After a certain age, luminous would be a vast improvement.

  • @warp65

    My once radiant skin is now lackluster and dull! I've heard wonderful things about Ponds products, especially the BB+ Cream and would love to try!!

    rafflecopter: Tina Renee Barker
    treneebarker at hotmail dot com

  • stephbinks

    My skin is so dull!

  • Jill Myrick

    I would love to have that nice natural glow back to my skin.
    It would definitely help me to feel younger and better about myself.


  • Patricia C

    I want to look luminous for my wonderful husband. We enjoy each others company and I love it when my skin feels young and fresh.

  • Susan P.

    I am going to be filmed and want to look my best as well as luminous!

  • Susan Smith

    I'd like to look younger and more luminous

  • Lea Harding

    I've been told these products are great, and I could use a boost

  • Abby Kraynick Sovko

    I just turned 40 and my skin seems to have lost it's "Glow" I would LOVE to win this!

  • Mary W

    As skin ages, we lose some of our luminosity. I am a life long fan of Ponds and would love to try these great products.

  • Greisy Wardsworth

    I want to look bright because I'm not used to having a routine cleaning many occupations in the care of my child and home,I've always had great response from the products My mother always used

  • Shanna Waldroop

    I have read so many wonderful reviews on Ponds BB cream I would love to try it 🙂

  • mickeyfan

    I am on the far side of 50 and LUMINOUS is really not in my skin's vocabulary right now.

  • Carolyn g

    As I age, I need all the help I can get.

  • Michelle H.

    I want to look and feel my best.

  • Valerie C.

    I've never had perfect skin and it would be great to have a better looking complexion!

  • Cynthia C

    I'd like to look younger and more radiant.

  • @crystesmom23

    Because I'm getting older, of course, and I am definitely starting to see dark spots on my VERY fair skin. They look terrible. Thank you so much for the chance to win this package by Ponds!

  • Lorena Keech

    I;m getting older, so looking luminous would be a great equalizer.

  • Laurie Layton

    I want to look luminous because you never know who you might run into.

  • notlikeacat

    Ah…have you seen me lately? 🙂 Need this!

  • Amy

    I already use it and Love it!

  • Joanna

    When I read the part about fading dark spot I knew I have to try it myself. Trying my luck 🙂

    Thank you!