the justification calculator

Justify My Shopping Love: The Justification Calculator

The Justification Calculator helps you decide if your purchase is worth it.*

To buy, or not to buy? That always seems to be the question when it comes to a high-priced item. For me, this is particularly true any time I go into Tyson’s Galleria, an upscale mall near me with every luxury brand a fashionista could possibly lust over.

Whenever I have my eyes set on a sumptuous leather purse I just have to have, like this Tory Burch purple tote bag for $495, I usually try to figure out some way to justify this purchase — both to myself and to my husband.

tory burch amanda dome purple tote bag
Is $495 for this purse worth it?

That usually involves me trying to crunch numbers in my head about how many times I’d use the purse in a year, translating that into how much it would cost per day.  Alas, as many of you should know, math isn’t my strong suit, and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve stared at my computer screen asking my coworkers to help me figure out the formula (which none of us Communications folks can ever seem to do).

So I usually just give up after my head starts hurting…until now.

ASOS heard the plea of many a math-deficient shopping maven and created a new way to justify your purchases:  The Justification Calculator. Simply enter the cost of what you’re lusting after and how many times you’ll wear it to find out the cost per each wear.

the justification calculator
Figure out if your purchase is worth it without getting a math-induced headache.

So for example, if I am lusting after that Tory Burch tote, which costs $495, and I plan to wear it 99 times, it would break down to costing only $5 per wear, according to The Justification Calculator.

One flaw:  You can only enter two digits in the section about how often you’ll wear your item, so that’s why I had to say 99 times for the handbag that I’d probably use more often over the course of several years.

The only thing that’s missing from the formula is a healthy dose of common sense, because sometimes, it just isn’t smart to buy something. Like right now, when I have those trifling things to pay called bills.

Is The Justification Calculator worth it? Well it’s great for those who can’t figure out simple division on their own.  Will it help you buy things you don’t really need? Probably. But you’ll have a lot of fun along the way.

*A shout out to my friend Alex for finding The Justification Calculator!
Photos: Tory Burch; ASOS