nightly skin care routine

My Nightly Skin Care Routine

By the end of the day, I just want to jump in bed and sleep for as many hours as my alarm clock sees fit. However, my dedication to being a non-hypocritical beauty blogger demands that I remove my makeup and cleanse my face each night before it hits my pillow. Seeing that I am dying to curl up under the blankets by this point, I make sure my nightly skin care routine is short and to the point. To cut the amount of time I spend at the sink or in the shower, I have culled my routine down to three simple products that pack a powerful punch.

nightly skin care routine
These three fairy godmothers help keep my skin healthy

Clinique Liquid Face Soap | First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream | Skin Authority 3-in-1 Skin Cleansing System

Thanks to my routine and these kick-ass products, my skin stays healthy and relatively blemish-free. Even the most #blessed of beauties can’t escape a pimple from time to time. Oh and while we’re discussing routines … have you checked out my daily makeup routine yet?

What products do you use every night before bed?

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  • Colin

    Very informative post. These days, most people are very careful about their skin and follow various skin care routine to prevent skin problems and keep their skin healthy and young looking.

  • professional resume

    Yes it is short but it is necessary to remove make up before touch up to pillow, For night wash there are different kinds of face wash available in market choose according to your skin type like normal, oily, dry skin. We try to wash face wish cold water instead of warn no problem if season is summer or winter.