The Skin Care Battle of the Sexes

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Hello there, ladies. If you’re like me, you steal your man’s shirts for sleeping and his sweatshirts when it’s cold. And apparently, according to the gorgeous Celeste from Skin Authority, it might be time to start stealing his skin care products too.

Does your husband or boyfriend steal your cleansers and moisturizers? My female skin care clients tell me this happens quite a bit in their homes. Well, guess what ladies? The guys are onto something!

Men’s and women’s skin care products differ only slightly. It is often thought that all men have thick, oily skin. That can be true, but I’ve also seen plenty of men who have sensitive skin. And, with women, their skin type can be all over the board based on hormones, age, sun exposure, etc.

Women who have dense, oily, thick skin might benefit from the slight difference in a lower pH that can often be found in men’s products. Men with more sensitive skin can benefit from products that have a slightly higher pH and/or more soothing ingredients. As I’ve written previously, treatment products should have a pH below four. The human skin ranges from 4.5-5.5 pH; a product should be below the pH level of the skin for maximum penetration.

Another shopping tip, many gender-specific products are simply marketed to either men or women in terms of packaging and fragrance, but offer no real difference. Most importantly, your skin care regimen comes down to: 1. the concerns you are looking to address and 2. what works best for your individual needs and lifestyle.

A product that works for my husband and me is Skin Authority’s Age-Defying Shave Serum. We love that the Serum incorporates ingredients to raise the hair away from the skin for an ultra-close shave without irritation.

Now excuse me while I go sneak some of my boyfriend’s skin care products before he notices. And while you’re at it, check out Celeste’s skin care tips from January, February, March and April. Enjoy!

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About the author: With two decades in the beauty and skin care industries, Celeste Hilling is the Founder, CEO and Product Formulator for Skin Authority. Skin Authority is respected for developing pure and powerful products without the use of parabens, added fragrance, dyes or animal testing. More on, Facebook at Skin Authority, Twitter @SkinAuthority and @MissSkin.


  • Bailey_AlltheWords

    Great tips and info! Most of the product sharing I’ve experienced is reversed though (him using my products!)

    • Kristin Bassett

      I see the same trend normally at home – him using my product – but I’ve started to start stealing some of his products now too 🙂 When he uses my products he claims they are “both of ours” but he gets very territorial when I reach for his products. Oh how the tables have turned!

  • Shipra Taneja

    What’s funny is I started using my hub’s cleanser when we got married, and that’s all I use now. Who knew!! 😉

    • Kristin Bassett

      Which cleanser?

  • Honeygirlk

    My husband was not a skin person before, but he has changed over the year and has been taking some of my advice, using some of my products. 🙂

  • Brooke @ Blushing Noir

    Mine doesn’t care about skin care but he does steal hair care lol

    • Kristin Bassett

      My boyfriend has started using my dry shampoo and leave-in conditioning treatments 😉

  • Lola Seicento

    What wonderful tips, and so much useful information, thanks! My husband periodically uses my products.

  • Sammi the Beauty Buff

    Oh, wow! I’ve been trying to learn more about pH levels. I wish more companies were open about the pH Level of their products. I only really see them on Paula’s Choice. My brother uses bar soap to wash his face and no other skincare products, so I guess I’ll have to shop in the men’s section for myself!

  • beautybymissl

    As far as I know my husband doesn’t use my products…. but who knows 😀

    • Kristin Bassett

      I bet a hidden camera might tell a different story 😉 He can’t live with a beauty blogger and not get a little bit interested.

  • FabZilla_Kath

    I share some of my skincare stash w/ the hubz

  • Kristina | The Feminine Files

    Huh, this is interesting! Thanks for sharing about the pH levels in skincare, but now I am wondering how you find out what the pH is…do they make testing strips for that?

    • Ashley

      Professional skin care companies should disclose the pH, or at least make it easy to find. 🙂 Skin Authority has people that you can call or email all of the time and they know the pH of everything!

      • Kristina | The Feminine Files

        Awesome! Thanks for replying

  • Collective Beauty

    My husband is so guilty of this. He loves my First Aid Beauty stuff, he’s pretty much taken over my Ultra Repair Cream! LOL

    • Kristin Bassett

      My boyfriend has used up the last of some of my skin care products without warning me so I didn’t have time to restock. It wasn’t a pretty sight 😉

  • Eugenia

    I am going to start trying my bf’s products! He uses my anti aging stuff sometimes!

    • Kristin Bassett

      Let me know what you think when you give his products a go.

  • Allison @neversaydiebeauty

    Jeff has oily skin & I have dry skin and never the twain shall meet, lol.

    • Kristin Bassett

      At least you don’t have to fight over who used the last of your precious products 😉

  • Phyrra

    Thanks for sharing these tips!