Kristin – Cofounder/Blogger

Kristin Bassett - Cofounder/Blogger

Expressing what she wants has NEVER been a problem for Kristin. As a child, she insisted that she be pushed in a stroller everywhere she went. Walking? That was way below her one-year-old self. Fast forward some-odd years…slightly stubborn and highly determined, Kristin still knows what she wants and how to get it.   She has something to say about everything and will tell anyone who will listen (or who will pretend to listen).

The queen of quirks and a tad (read: insanely) melodramatic, Kristin is constantly reminded that she is the most “interesting” friend some people have. On top of being the “interesting” friend, she is also the go-to-girl when in the middle of a crisis. She might as well have her PhD in psychology. Kristin has spent many hours consoling friends about relationships, work, family and just about everything else.

Kristin’s beauty motto?  Less is more.  She is the queen of simplicity and the “natural look.”  You won’t spot this beauty buff sporting heavy makeup anytime soon, unless you run into her at a costume party. Read Kristin’s posts

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