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DIY Ombre in 5 Steps

Learn how to get do it yourself ombre hair in five simple steps!

91kbqNs79cL._SL1500_You know that sinking feeling when you leave a hair salon and you don’t get what you asked for (and are also out $150)? Well, I was so sick of that feeling that I decided to take matters into my own hands. Though I leave the haircuts to professionals, I’ve done all of my own color for years — from darkest brown to golden blonde. I’m finally getting exactly what I want AND saving some money. And by saving money, I mean spending it on other frivolous things.

One of the looks I get the most inquiries about is my subtle ombre/balayage look, or as my friend calls it, “the zebra.” I’ve been self-ombre-ing on and off since 2007 using a plain, old
highlighting box that can be found at any drug store
(but disregard the finger tip thing, as the only tool needed are your hands and gloves). I pick the color based on the season. I usually go for a more bronze/caramel-y shade in the fall and a champagne-y hue in the summer.

I should note that I’m a daughter of a former hair stylist, so I’m not afraid to treat my hair like a test guinea pig. And surprisingly, my tests usually end with me not going far enough, which is definitely a good thing.
So, here’s my do-it-yourself ombre hair in five steps:
photo 2
1.  Start out with wet hair. Here I am right out of the shower. (A tip within a tip: Do you need to post a picture on the internet and don’t feel like putting on makeup? Use the Mayfair filter on Instagram. Flaws gone.)
photo 1
2.  Brush your wet hair and change into a shirt that you don’t care about getting bleach on.
3.  Follow the highlighting kit instructions and mix the kit’s various powders and serums together.
4.  Once the color is mixed, scoop up the mixture with your gloved hands and start scrunching upward into the ends of your hair — like you’re adding mousse or gel into your hair.
5.  Wait however long the kit’s instructions suggest. Wash out and style.
photo 4
photo 3
*I also pick a few random strands onto which I add the bleach for fun.
See? Easy!
Photos:  Lyssa White/beautyXposé

Operation: Fake Eyelashes

There are some things I’ve been told girls are just supposed to know how to do — wear matching undergarments, perfect the skinny arm pose, and feel comfortable putting on fake eyelashes. However, I can’t do any of those things! Sometimes I feel like my girl-card should be taken away.

To earn back my girl-cred, I’m trying to tackle a few of my above-mentioned shortcomings. Bring on “Operation: Fake Eyelashes.” I’ve attempted it one time before for a Halloween party in high school. I’m nearly 30! I need to get over this long-held anxiety.

Here are my eyes without makeup. You may be asking, where are her eyelids? Because I ask myself every day. I have hooded eyes, which means, when I open my eyes, the lids disappear. It has always made applying makeup a little harder, but thanks to the Internet, I’ve found plenty of hooded eye tutorials. The key to makeup on hooded eyes is that a little goes a long way.

hooded eye

My fear of fake eyelashes makes sense. I mean, I’m not working with much real estate here. I have to put glue right above my lash line and hope I don’t open my eyes enough to glue my lids together. It’s a little tricky.

photo 2

And that’s exactly what happened. I glued my lids together. Talk about the scariest smize ever.

photo 3

I separated the lid, let the glue dry for a bit, did eyelid calisthenics (look up and down, down and up multiple times) to ensure the eyelashes were set and glue was dry, then applied eyeliner, eyeshadow, and mascara on the rest of my eye. Ta-da! I think I have finally gotten the hang of fake eyelashes. I’m ready for my badge of honor!

photo 4

Now if I could just master the skinny arm pose…

Update: Love Lyssa’s tutorials (who doesn’t?!), check out her latest one – DIY ombre hair in 5 steps.

*"La La Lashes - Delight" eyelashes courtesy
DIY Oxfords

How To: DIY Oxfords

Trash… Keep… Trash… Why do I still have the mock turtleneck I wore in my senior high school photos from 2001?!?! TRASH!

This was me during my recent clothing purge. On top of the knee-high pile of old clothes laid a $25 pair of faux leather boots I bought from Ebay last year. They never quite worked the way I wanted them to. They were too stiff to wear as combat boots and too high and wide to wear as booties. So, they collected dust for a year.
DIY Oxfords
As I sat down to say a final, tearful goodbye to my soon-to-be donated clothes, the boots caught my eye. I inspected them a bit and then it hit me: I must turn them into oxfords.
DIY Oxfords
A new pair of shoes in 5 easy steps
I grabbed a pair of scissors, then marked up the shape with a pen:

DIY Oxfords
Marking up the boots
I cut through the marks:

DIY Oxfords
The first incision
Then super-glued the cut-up edges of the fabric (yes, those are paper clips holding the fabric together — this was an unplanned DIY oxfords moment):

DIY Oxfords
Just your normal paperclip use
Voila! I now have a cute, new pair of oxfords that cost absolutely nothing.

DIY Oxfords
This wasn’t the first time I’ve turned my fashion trash into treasure. Check out my other post detailing how I gave my old suede flats a glitter makeover. So, before you throw your clothes away, consider upcycling!
Have you ever complete a similar project? Would love to hear all about your DIY adventures.
Photos: beautyXposé

Shoe Makeover: How to Make Glitter Flats

Who doesn’t love a good DIY project? Find out how to make glitter flats, and give an old pair of shoes a makeover for just a few dollars!

I bought a pair of yellow suede flats from J. Crew a few years ago. Since I wear them mostly with jeans, the dye from the jeans rubbed off on the back of the heel area — something I’ve never been able to remove.

I was really close to throwing them away, but after speaking to a crafter friend of mine, I was inspired to give them a glitter makeover.

I was concerned about adding glitter and glue on top of suede, but I did a little research and learned there are few problems in doing so.


How to Make Glitter Flats

Materials needed:

  • Paint brush
  • Glitter
  • Mod Podge
I resurrected an old bottle of Mod Podge I used for a craft I undertook last year. I found Martha Stewart’s Yellow Gold Glitter at my local craft store, which was the exact color glitter I envisioned. I was really trying to model these shoes after a pair of Steve Madden ballet flats that I’ve been stalking for a while.



  1. Mix mod podge and glitter together on a paper plate.
  2. Paint the flats with a few coats of glitter/glue mix
  3. Let it dry
  4. Give it one last coat of just Mod Podge
I’m really happy with how these glitter flats turned out. It took about 30 minutes to complete and cost about $7. I feel like I have a brand new pair of shoes!
Photos:  Lyssa White/BeautyXpose

Going Gaga for Glasses at Firmoo

I love, love, love eyeglasses — especially thick-rimmed ones. I’m not 100% sure where this obsession came about — most likely it started when I was five and first exposed to Jeanette, my favorite (and eyeglasses-wearing) member of The Chippettes from “The Chipmunks.”


The funny thing is, I have great vision and don’t even need to wear glasses, but that hasn’t stopped me from faking the “smart” look over the years.

Recently, I got a chance to review glasses. Browsing their site was a great experience. As I mentioned, I love glasses and they have over 300 styles! I was in heaven. They also offer a virtual try-on system, which is really helpful. You are able to use your own photo to try out their eyewear.
After a good amount of time on their site, I decided to go with the tortoise shell unisex acetate full frame style. The color is really great. It’s warm and amber-y. Perfect for fall. The glasses aren’t too heavy, which I feared considering the thickness of the frame. This particular style also comes in a classic black and a funky black/blue combination.
In short: I love them. Also, because they’re unisex, I asked my husband to try them on and they looked great on him. If he doesn’t steal them from me first, you better believe I’ll be wearing these at every chance I get.

NOTE: Fimroo has launched a program offering free eyewear for first-time Firmoo glasses buyers. If you’re in the market for a new pair and want to take advange of this deal, please check out

Are you a fan of the thick-rimmed eyeglasses trend? Whether yes or no, share your thoughts below in the comment area.

Photos: Lyssa White/BeautyXpose