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Outfit Options: New Year’s Eve

Can you believe we’re just a couple of short weeks to the end of 2014 and the start of 2015? You probably can assuming that you have either a physical or electronic calendar that you can consult. But that’s beside the point.

To ring in 2015 correctly and start the year on a good foot, you’ll need (obviously NEED and not want) to rock a New Year’s Eve outfit that’s as fabulous as you. And plus, if there is one night when no one can mock you (or remember) for wearing a romper, NYE is the night. To help you plan for the midnight countdown, I’ve pulled together three outfit options that could work for (almost) every party.

new year's eve outfits

Top Outfit: jeans | top | purse | booties

Middle Outfit: skirt | top | clutch | booties

Bottom Outfit: romper | bracelet | clutch | heels

What will you be wearing while you ring in the New Year?

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holiday party outfits

Outfit Options: Holiday Party

With a week of December under our belt, holiday party season is in full swing. And with all the festivities comes lots of photo opportunities, which require only the cutest holiday party outfits. Whether you’re attending a casual get-together at a friend’s house or a swanky holiday party, I’ve got you covered with three options.

holiday party outfits

Top Outfit: shirt | pants | flats | purse

Middle Outfit: dress | boots | necklace | clutch

Bottom Outfit: dress | clutch | heels

What will you be wearing to holiday parties this year?

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Puddle Jumping with Swims

Believe it or not, I enjoy a good rainy day from time-to-time. It gives me a good excuse to wear oversized sweaters, lay in bed all day (if it’s not a work day) and sport cute rain boots when I finally get out off bed and out the front door.

A cute pair of rain boots can totally change the direction of a rainy day. It can turn my frown upside down and put a little extra pep in my step (pun intended). Plus, it doesn’t hurt that it makes getting around town in a downpour so much easier. Puddle in my way? No problem, I can splash my way through that without soaking my socks. And while I love my riding-boot-inspired rain boots, I had been lusting after a pair of ankle rain booties recently. Something seems so effortless and chic about a short boot that I don’t have to tug over my jeans.

Enter, Swims. The Dora boot was the answer to my rainy prayers. These ankle booties are easy to slip on as I run out the front door and work with almost any outfit I could dream up. Plus, the pop of orange brightens up even the most dreary of days. If I wasn’t trying to save money (ha!) I would seriously consider buying the Dora in all available colors. Let’s be honest, I’m considering it even though I’m trying to save money.



Sadly, it’s only rained twice since these beauties entered my life, but I wore them both days. I was excited enough just knowing I was wearing new rain booties, but it didn’t hurt that I received loads of compliments. Next thing you know, my entire office will be puddle jumping in their own pair of swims.

What footwear do you slip on when the rain starts?

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wish list

November Wish List

I’m trying to go shopping-free this month. The operative word being “trying.” But just because I’m not whipping out my wallet this month it doesn’t mean that I can’t window shop and lust after a few items. In fact, there are four items I have my eye on at the moment:

wish list

 Scarf | Lip Pencil | Eyeshadow Palette | Coffee Almond Scrub 

If you’re feeling generous, I’m accepting gifts :)

What are you lusting after this month?

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robert matthew

Leather, Tartan and Peach

It’s my favorite season for fashion – Fall. How can you not just love all the jackets, scarves, sweaters and purses?! Ok, so purses aren’t unique to Fall, but purses are always a good thing.

I’ve only owned two peach purses in my life. Once in 10th grade and once … now. This Robert and Matthew bad boy has become my everyday work bag  of the moment. It’s the perfect size and I love that is has a shoulder and cross-body strap. I don’t acknowledge purses without a cross-body option (unless it’s my trusty Lonchamp).

robert matthew robert matthew robert matthew robert matthew

Shoes: Banana Republic (Similar here & here) | Jeans: Free People (Similar here & here)

Tshirt: Vince (Similar here and hereJacket: Gap (Similar here and here)

Scarf: Target | Purse: c/o Robert Matthew

I wouldn’t normally whip out a peach purse after the Summer, but I’m actually kind of loving the unexpected color. It’s a nice contrast to the deeper colors of the rest of my Fall clothing. Plus, I’ve been getting loads on compliments, so I can’t put it away for next Spring/Summer just yet.

Would you rock a peach purse? 

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The Composition of Fashionable Footwear

Do you ever wonder what materials your shoes are made of? Many shoes are made of multiple materials, and the materials are what make your footwear unique, durable, and trendy. If you’re looking for new shoes that will look great for a variety of events and will hold up, look no further than Reef. Reef women’s shoes and Reef men’s shoes will not only look trendy but will be ideal for future vacations, events, and for everyday wear. What materials are your favorites? Here are a few that make your shoes a favorite durable pair you can’t seem to part with.

Men’s Leather and Suede Cruisers

Get your man some trendy and durable shoes made of suede and leather. With their clean and simple styling your significant other will love pairing favorite Reef men’s shoes with either a pair of khaki pants or jeans. Since these shoes are appropriate for work and play, they’ll probably be worn quite a bit. It’s a good thing that these cruisers have a compression molded cushion insole that helps keep any smells at bay. What’s more a woven textile along the shoe opening and on the gusseted tongue looks stylish due to its great looking pattern.footwear

Women’s EVA Sandals

In case you were wondering what EVA stands for, it is Ethylene Vinyl Acetate. Sandals made with this material are very light, since EVA is one of the lightest outsoles. EVA has a lot of great features. Shoes made with this material are water resistance, non-absorbent, corrosion resistance, and non-polluting. Reef women’s sandals that are made with EVA are also extremely durable and these essential sandals come with anatomical arch support. Arch support can be very important when you’re on your feet a lot but still want to look fashionable. Luckily you can have the best of both worlds by keeping your feet comfy with essential and trendy sandals.footwear

Recycled Fall Boots

For an edgy fall ensemble add a pair of essential fall boots to the mix. Reef women’s shoes that are lace-up boots can feature hand woven textiles from India, making them unique and very appealing for fall time and beyond. Fall boots can also be made of EVA, but the EVA can also be recycled, which means some Reef styles utilize recycled EVA from Reef’s Eco:One technology. This is wonderful news for the environment and also for you because your boots will be comfy and environmental friendly. What’s more, enjoy a foam footbed on boots that also offers arch support for when you’re on your feet for long periods of time.footwear

Do you pay attention to the materials your footwear are made of?

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Halloween Makeup, Nails and Costume Ideas

Believe it or not, Halloween is just over two weeks away. And for people like you and me who love makeup and clothes, it’s the perfect excuse (as if we need one) to go big or go home. To help provide some inspiration, I’ve rounded up some great posts on Halloween makeup, nail and costume ideas from years past and fellow bloggers. Check them out and let me know what you think!

halloween makeup


  • Halloween Makeup – Honey, Queen Of The Forest Nymph Makeup Tutorial – Honeygirl’s World
  • BFTE The Shining Halloween Haunted House Collection 2014 – Painted Ladies
  • Favorite Halloween Beauty – Phyrra
  • Charming She-Devil Halloween Makeup Look (Plus $100 Sephora gift card giveaway!) – Beauty Tidbits

halloween makeup


halloween makeup


What do you plan to go as for Halloween this year?

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september wish list

September Wish List

I might be the only person in all of New England who can’t wait for the end of Summer. Come July, I’m normally over the heat and sundresses and ready to slip into a pair of riding boots and light jacket. And while I’m currently sitting inside trying to deny the fact that it’s still 80 degrees outside, I am also wrapping up my Fall prep with some beauty and clothing shopping. Just ’cause I’m not going back to school doesn’t mean I can’t indulge a little bit. I have probably overindulged just a bit, but there are still a few items I have my eye on.

september wish list
I’m ready for you, Fall

Beauty blender | purse | boots | perfume

Shop this post:

What is on your September wish list?

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wish list

July Wish List

A new month means a new list of items I want someone to buy me … I mean I want to buy myself. And seeing as I was gone most of June for work, I didn’t get a chance to get the items on that wish list either. I guess I have double the shopping to do this month!

wish list
Happy July!

Eyeliner | Beach Tint Shimmer | Dress | Necklace

What are you looking forward to nabbing this month?

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stella & dot jewelry coral cay necklace

Why You Should Attend a Stella & Dot Jewelry Party Stat

Our Stella & Dot stylist shows off the engravable collection
Our Stella & Dot stylist shows off the engravable collection

While Stella & Dot has been a fave for years with other writers here at beautyXposé, I’ve never personally experienced the brand’s jewelry (though I’ve always lusted after the pieces online). So when my friend, Lyssa, invited me to a Stella & Dot jewelry party, I was the first person on the list to RSVP.

Attending a party in person really made a big difference when it came to understanding all the cool details about the jewelry brand.

First, you have a personal stylist there to help guide you through all the pieces of jewelry, which can be overwhelming if you’re like me and want to order everything in sight. Our stylist, Andrine Coleman, helped each attendee assess her own personal style and then offered jewelry suggestions that match their tastes — whether they’re trendy or more traditional.

The layered look is big for bracelets this summer.
The layered look is big for bracelets this summer.

And a stylist can also help push you out of your comfort zone. I never would have chosen this silver Elodie Necklace ($89) for myself, but it actually looked pretty good once I tried it on.

Stella & Dot jewelry Elodie Necklace
I never would have gravitated toward this piece, but once I tried it on, I liked it a lot!

Second, you can really see the versatility of the products first-hand.  A lot of Stella & Dot jewelry pieces are convertible so you can wear them many different ways.

Take the Sutton Necklace for example. While it’s definitely steeper in price than other pieces (retails at $178), it’s really like getting at least eight necklaces in one.

Lyssa tries on the Sutton Necklace with all strands on the clasp.
Lyssa tries on the Sutton Necklace with all strands on the clasp.

You can wear it short with all the strands in place, or you can remove the fold-over clasp and loop up any of the seven single strands around your neck to wear the rest of the strands a tad longer.

Lyssa marvels at the Sutton Necklace once the clasp is removed and one of the strands loops up around her neck, creating a whole new look.
Lyssa marvels at the Sutton Necklace once the clasp is removed and one of the strands loops up around her neck, creating a whole new look.

And the “shark teeth” strand is removable as well, so you can wear that alone or layer it if you’d like. The possibilities are endless, I tell you!

Andrine converts the Sutton Necklace on Lyssa by removing the "teeth" chain.
Andrine converts the Sutton Necklace on Lyssa by removing the “teeth” chain.
This beautiful red necklace has a removable pendant.
This beautiful red necklace has a removable pendant.
Stella & Dot jewelry sardinia chandelier earrings
This earring is convertible too! It can be worn as a double chandelier, single chandelier or a stud.

Many of us at the party are allergic to products containing nickel, so it was a treat to learn that Stella & Dot jewelry is lead and nickel safe. Score!

So what did I end up buying? After a lot of head scratching and hard decision-making (#firstworldproblems), I decided to go with the Coral Cay Necklace.

stella & dot jewelry coral cay necklace
The Stella & Dot Coral Cay Necklace


I can't wait for my necklace to arrive in the mail!
I can’t wait for my necklace to arrive in the mail!

Of course, one of the best reasons to attend a Stella & Dot jewelry party is if you have an awesome host like Lyssa, who plies you with cupcakes.

Mmmmmm....buttercream frosting.
Mmmmmm….buttercream frosting.

While it really sucks that Lyssa didn’t invite you to her party, you can still shop her boutique online from now until July 12 here:  Or get in the action yourself and host your own party, or become a stylist!


Photos:  Anne Houseman/beautyXposé