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snowy ootd

Snowy Sunday

Some New Englanders have been itching for a snow day. As far as Winters go, this one has been pretty mild. Sure, there were a few below-zero days, but there have been plenty of days where I’m too toasty after walking more than a few minutes in my coat and scarf. And the icing on the cake, as far as I’m concerned? There has been little-to-no snow. We had flurries here and there, but nothing substantial … until now. It snowed on Saturday this past weekend and it’s set to potentially blizzard this week (when this post goes live).

Don’t get me wrong, I love Winter wear. The hats, coats, scarves and boots all tickle my fancy. I love a bundled look, but I don’t necessarily love the snow that goes with it. I like to wear snow boots because I choose to, not because I have to. Makes total sense, right? Right! Glad we’re on the same page.

This past Sunday, I met up with the lovely Agnes from Spoons and Stilettos for a cup of coffee and outfit photos. It was such a pleasure to meet Agnes, especially since we’re two city bloggers caught in the suburbs 🙂 We might have gotten a few stares from people walking by, but we didn’t let that stop us from capturing our snowy OOTD.

snowy ootd

snowy ootd

snowy ootd

snowy ootd

snowy ootd

snowy ootd

J.Crew Coat past season (similar) | Target scarf old (similar) | J.Crew chambray shirt

Vince tshirt | JCrew belt | Paige denim

L.L. Bean boots | Kate Spade watch | Kelsi Dagger purse via TJMaxx

J.Crew elephant necklace (similar) | Pendant necklace from SOWA  (similar)

Thanks to Agnes for taking my photos and I hope you all enjoyed my snowy OOTD.

What is your go-to snowy-day footwear outfit?

Photos: beautyXposé/Spoons and Stilettos; Disclosure

new year's eve outfits

Outfit Options: New Year’s Eve

Can you believe we’re just a couple of short weeks to the end of 2014 and the start of 2015? You probably can assuming that you have either a physical or electronic calendar that you can consult. But that’s beside the point.

To ring in 2015 correctly and start the year on a good foot, you’ll need (obviously NEED and not want) to rock a New Year’s Eve outfit that’s as fabulous as you. And plus, if there is one night when no one can mock you (or remember) for wearing a romper, NYE is the night. To help you plan for the midnight countdown, I’ve pulled together three outfit options that could work for (almost) every party.

new year's eve outfits

Top Outfit: jeans | top | purse | booties

Middle Outfit: skirt | top | clutch | booties

Bottom Outfit: romper | bracelet | clutch | heels

What will you be wearing while you ring in the New Year?

Photo: beautyXposé; Disclosure

holiday party outfits

Outfit Options: Holiday Party

With a week of December under our belt, holiday party season is in full swing. And with all the festivities comes lots of photo opportunities, which require only the cutest holiday party outfits. Whether you’re attending a casual get-together at a friend’s house or a swanky holiday party, I’ve got you covered with three options.

holiday party outfits

Top Outfit: shirt | pants | flats | purse

Middle Outfit: dress | boots | necklace | clutch

Bottom Outfit: dress | clutch | heels

What will you be wearing to holiday parties this year?

Photo: beautyXposé; Disclosure

wish list

July Wish List

A new month means a new list of items I want someone to buy me … I mean I want to buy myself. And seeing as I was gone most of June for work, I didn’t get a chance to get the items on that wish list either. I guess I have double the shopping to do this month!

wish list
Happy July!

Eyeliner | Beach Tint Shimmer | Dress | Necklace

What are you looking forward to nabbing this month?

Photo: beautyXposéDisclosure 

May Wish List

May Wish List

Another month means another month of lusting after beauty and fashion goodies. I was supposed to be on a shopping ban last month, but that didn’t go so well. I think I’ll try it again this month, but we’ll see …

Any who, I’m hoping May brings warmer weather that sends me to the beach, so it’s time to pick up my yearly bathing suit. I’ve also been eyeing this clutch for a while and I think it belongs in my life. For makeup – I’ve heard such great things about this lippie and Tarte, so I think these items are a must.

May Wish List
I want all of these, please!

You can shop these items here:

I really hope for my wallet’s sake that I have no items on my wish list one month, but I don’t have high hopes for that.

What are you lusting after this month?

Photo: beautyXposé; Disclosure

easter dresses

10 Easter Dresses

I somehow made it to this point in April without realizing Easter weekend is upon us. I blame it on traveling for work and not having cable (hence no commercials to watch), but it’s most likely because I’ve been too busy binge watching Drop Dead Diva on Netflix. I know, I have amazing TV preferences.

Let’s get back on track, shall we? So yea, Easter is this weekend and I have no idea if we have plans with my BF’s family. Naturally this means that I’ve been doing some virtual window shopping to make sure that I won’t be caught last minute without anything to wear. I’m sure I have plenty of dresses I could wear, but I’ll never say no to an excuse to buy another piece of clothing.

Want to hear a funny story? I realized while perusing Nordstrom that I already have the perfect, never-worn Easter dress. I got this blue lace number at T.J.Maxx last month for just $40, about $100 cheaper than it is online. You can buy it down below, but stop by your local T.J.Maxx/Marshall’s first to see if they’re carrying it.

Since I had a dress I totally forgot about that was perfect for Easter, I’m going to pass on buying a new one right now. But, never fear, my research didn’t go to waste! I’ve rounded up 10 of my favorite Easter dresses below for any of you who still need to find the perfect frock for this weekend.

easter dresses

You can shop these Easter dresses here:



Oh and if you need to make a Easter basket for a beauty lover or are just in the market for a new lip balm, check out these eos goodies. Aren’t they the cutest?!

What will you be wearing this Easter (assuming you celebrate)?

Photo:  beautyXposéDisclosure

march wish list

March Wish List

So it might be a bit late to do a monthly wish list seeing that we’re half way through the month, but better late than never. Right? Back in February I shared with you a list of seven items I was lusting after. I gave in and bought three of the seven items: the J.Crew blazer, Cole Haan Magnolia flats (both in black) and the Facial Radiance pads from First Aid Beauty and I couldn’t be happier. It was money well spent; I love all three items.

What didn’t I get? The H&M sweater didn’t fit quite right, mixed reviews made me less determined to scoop up POREfessional, Madewell stopped stocking the leopard skimmers in my size and I don’t have a David’s Tea nearby to purchase that tasty flavor.

I liked how having a wish list helped me focus on specific purchases than going as crazy as I normally do, so I figured I’d give it another go. This month, to the relief of my wallet, I only have five items on my list. I’ve actually already purchased the J.Crew pants in black, but I figured I’d keep them on the list.

march wish list
Who wants to buy me all these beauties?

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

I have my eye on that dress, so if you see it go on sale, let me know ASAP. My wardrobe is just dying for it.

What are you lusting after this month?

Photo: beautyXposé; Disclosure

dazzling blue

How to Wear Dazzling Blue this Spring

While it might not feel like it up in Boston where I am, Spring is well on it’s way, just 10 days away. We just sprung our clocks forward, and shop windows are teasing us with the cutest Spring frocks. And even though the weather forecast tells me I have more wintery days ahead of me, I can’t help but start stocking up on Spring clothes.

dazzling blue
Hello, Spring!

This Spring, I’m especially excited to sport anything and everything in Dazzling Blue – one of Pantone’s 10 Spring 2014 colors. So excited in fact, that I’ve teamed up with 9 other fabulous bloggers to show you how to rock this and the 9 other colors. If Dazzling Blue isn’t your color (but I’ve found it looks AMAZING on most people), you can skip on down to the end of this post and check out how my bloggy friends are rocking the other 9 colors. And while you’re at it, check out these 10 nail polishes that are perfect dupes for the 10 “it” colors of the season.

But back to the topic at hand – how to wear Dazzling Blue this Spring …

I have mixed feelings about Gap – I love Gap Fit clothes, but 90% of the time I strike out with their day-to-day wear. Still, I hold out hope and pop in every few months to see what’s new. When I popped in last month, I was ready to admit defeat when I stumbled upon the cutest dress in the back corner. Why anyone would put this baby in the corner is beyond me. I scooped it up, ran to the dressing room and jumped up and down (on the inside) when I saw how cute it looked on. It also didn’t hurt that I had to size down (I don’t hate you, Gap vanity sizing!).

And while I haven’t been able to wear it just yet – damn you, Polar Vortex! – I’ve been dreaming of all the ways I can wear this dress when the weather warms up a bit. Dressed up or down, this dress is going to be perfect for almost any occasion.

dazzling blue
1 dress 4 ways

Day Off: Shoes, Bag, Sunglasses | Work: Necklace, Blazer, Shoes | Date: Shoes, Earrings, Bag | Brunch: Shoes, Scarf, Hat

Here are some other Dazzling Blue clothing and beauty items you could rock this Spring: 

Photos: beautyXposé; Disclaimer

wish list

February Wish List

I put myself on a clothing/shoes/accessories shopping ban for the entirety of January, and I’m so glad it’s over! While I liked the money savings, I didn’t like the lack of shopping. A month without stepping foot inside T.J.Maxx (I knew I would cave if I went in) was torture.

Saturday was my first day off of the ban, so I (naturally) made a beeline for T.J.Maxx after breakfast. Sadly, I didn’t find anything at my normal go-to store, but I didn’t let that stop me. Later in the day, I picked up a black/white sweater at another T.J.s that was conveniently on my way to run another errand. And by run another errand, I mean on my way to perusing the mall. I also picked up my first pair of chucks, a YSL Glossy Stain (that Gouldylox convinced me to purchase), an overpriced chambray shirt and this red dress (not in red online anymore, womp womp).

To try to reign in my spending, I’m taking two approaches … we’ll see if either works. I’ve made a list of classic pieces I want to “splurge” on this year (like the nude and leopard flats and the blazer below) to focus my shopping efforts, and I’m planning two more no-shopping months so I can detox from the shopping bug every few months.

So on to the actual point of this post … the beauty, fashion and lifestyle (hola, tea) products I’m eyeing this month. I won’t buy all of these realistically (damn it fiscal responsibility!), but I’m going to grab a couple of these and I just can’t wait!

wish list
Someone please buy me these things

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

Just thought I’d throw this out there … if you want to buy me any of these things, you’re more than welcome. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

What are you lusting after this month? Share some of your wish list items below.

Photo: beautyXposé

Snowstorm necessities

Surviving the Snow

Having just made it through another snowstorm here in Boston, I figured it was only appropriate to share my ideal cold weather getup with you all.  After trudging through the storm for groceries, coffees, etc., (you know, all the important things), I finally hammered out the perfect snowstorm apparel.

Besides staying nice and warm in the following items, you’ll still be totally adorable as well.  All you really need is lots of layers, warm accessories, and a pair of durable snow boots!

For those of you in the colder states, here is what I’ll be sporting through this season’s storms!

Snowstorm necessities
Bundle up, it’s cold out there.
  1. After Elle shared their “Five Snowpocalypse Outfit Solutions,” I just had to roundup my favorite snowstorm apparel.
  2. Most times during the winter, you’ll find me simply sporting a tank and sweater combo.  It’s easy, comfortable, and will keep you warm and cozy.  In fact, this linear stitch sweater is at the top of my list this season.
  3. Next up, a warm jacket!  It’s tough to stay warm and fashionable all at the same time, but I think this ASOS skater coat does just the trick.
  4. With temperatures reaching 0 degrees, covering up your neck and face is seriously important.  This cozy plaid scarf by gap is already in my shopping cart (probably because it’s the softest scarf….ever).
  5. Warm socks are also a must!  I typically double up – one pair always being from J.Crew or American Eagle.  I’m currently loving these pattern-trim trouser socks by J.Crew.
  6. Finally, the boots!  Throw these babies on before venturing out into the cold and you’ll stay warm and cozy.  I just picked up these tivoli boots by Sorel and am already loving them.

How do you stay warm and fashionable during the colder weather? I’d love to hear about your snowstorm necessities.

Photo:  beautyXposé