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Leather, Tartan and Peach

It’s my favorite season for fashion – Fall. How can you not just love all the jackets, scarves, sweaters and purses?! Ok, so purses aren’t unique to Fall, but purses are always a good thing.

I’ve only owned two peach purses in my life. Once in 10th grade and once … now. This Robert and Matthew bad boy has become my everyday work bag  of the moment. It’s the perfect size and I love that is has a shoulder and cross-body strap. I don’t acknowledge purses without a cross-body option (unless it’s my trusty Lonchamp).

robert matthew robert matthew robert matthew robert matthew

Shoes: Banana Republic (Similar here & here) | Jeans: Free People (Similar here & here)

Tshirt: Vince (Similar here and hereJacket: Gap (Similar here and here)

Scarf: Target | Purse: c/o Robert Matthew

I wouldn’t normally whip out a peach purse after the Summer, but I’m actually kind of loving the unexpected color. It’s a nice contrast to the deeper colors of the rest of my Fall clothing. Plus, I’ve been getting loads on compliments, so I can’t put it away for next Spring/Summer just yet.

Would you rock a peach purse? 

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Halloween manicure

Halloween Manicure: a Pop of Pumpkin

Hi there, you lovelies. Just stopping by for a very quick update on my simple-yet-fun Halloween manicure. I went for black nails except for my ring finger, which is a lovely pumpkin orange. Believe it or not, I actually got the idea from my waitress at The Cheesecake Factory this weekend. Inspiration comes at the most unexpected times …

halloween manicure

The colors I used were Pumpkin Queen and Night Fright from Sally Hansen. The perfect colors (and names) for an easy-as-pie Halloween manicure.

Do you have a Halloween manicure planned for this Friday?

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The Composition of Fashionable Footwear

Do you ever wonder what materials your shoes are made of? Many shoes are made of multiple materials, and the materials are what make your footwear unique, durable, and trendy. If you’re looking for new shoes that will look great for a variety of events and will hold up, look no further than Reef. Reef women’s shoes and Reef men’s shoes will not only look trendy but will be ideal for future vacations, events, and for everyday wear. What materials are your favorites? Here are a few that make your shoes a favorite durable pair you can’t seem to part with.

Men’s Leather and Suede Cruisers

Get your man some trendy and durable shoes made of suede and leather. With their clean and simple styling your significant other will love pairing favorite Reef men’s shoes with either a pair of khaki pants or jeans. Since these shoes are appropriate for work and play, they’ll probably be worn quite a bit. It’s a good thing that these cruisers have a compression molded cushion insole that helps keep any smells at bay. What’s more a woven textile along the shoe opening and on the gusseted tongue looks stylish due to its great looking pattern.footwear

Women’s EVA Sandals

In case you were wondering what EVA stands for, it is Ethylene Vinyl Acetate. Sandals made with this material are very light, since EVA is one of the lightest outsoles. EVA has a lot of great features. Shoes made with this material are water resistance, non-absorbent, corrosion resistance, and non-polluting. Reef women’s sandals that are made with EVA are also extremely durable and these essential sandals come with anatomical arch support. Arch support can be very important when you’re on your feet a lot but still want to look fashionable. Luckily you can have the best of both worlds by keeping your feet comfy with essential and trendy sandals.footwear

Recycled Fall Boots

For an edgy fall ensemble add a pair of essential fall boots to the mix. Reef women’s shoes that are lace-up boots can feature hand woven textiles from India, making them unique and very appealing for fall time and beyond. Fall boots can also be made of EVA, but the EVA can also be recycled, which means some Reef styles utilize recycled EVA from Reef’s Eco:One technology. This is wonderful news for the environment and also for you because your boots will be comfy and environmental friendly. What’s more, enjoy a foam footbed on boots that also offers arch support for when you’re on your feet for long periods of time.footwear

Do you pay attention to the materials your footwear are made of?

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skin authority

My Updated Skin Care Routine with Skin Authority

Historically, I’ve never been a huge skin care buff. I’ve been blessed with relatively low-maintenance skin so I haven’t had to think much about my routine. However, as I age-ish (I’m still only 26 with the face of a 6 year old), I’m finally starting to realize I should think twice before throwing just any product on my face.

As you might know if you’ve been reading for a while, I was recently introduced to (and have since fallen in love with) Skin Authority. I started off with the 3-in-1 cleanser, which turned out to be a gateway drug into three additional products:  Wrinkle Reversing Serum; Resurfacing Accelerator; and Tri-Power Peptide Hydrator.

Before these three new products, I simply washed and moisturized my skin; I didn’t have a routine. Now I have an actual morning AND night skin care routine like a real grownup and I love every second of it. It makes getting ready for the day and for bed that much more decadent. It’s almost like a mini spa treatment twice a day.

I’ve been rocking this routine for just shy of a month now and I’ve seen smother, brighter, more taught skin. I used to have these little mini bumps on the top of my cheek bones, and letter to my updated skin care routine, I’ll let the photos do the talking.

 Morning Routine:

Updated-Skin-Care-Routine Cleanse

skin authority

skin authority

skin authority

Cleanser | Wrinkle Reversing Serum | Moisturizer | Eye Cream 

Night Routine:

skin authority

skin authority

skin authority

skin authority

Exfoliating Brush (with Cleanser) | Resurfacing Accelerator | Moisturizer | Eye Cream 

I am absolutely infatuated with my current skin care routine and I can’t imagine changing it anytime soon. And you want to hear a bit of good news? You can grab two of my favorite products at a ridiculous discount on October 30th, when Celeste (CEO Skin Authority) will be on the HSN Beauty Report in the 8PM (EST) hour.

During the show, you’ll be able to snag the Brighten and Firm Duo (Resurfacing Accelerator and Tri-Power Peptide Moisturizer) for $79 (retails normally at $138.50). If you need to do any holiday shopping a skin care junkie, you might want to consider tuning in and ordering a duo (or two).

  • Resurfacing AcceleratorResurfacing Accelerator is a gentle leave-on peel that transforms the appearance of your skin as you sleep. You wake to skin that feels firmer, looks smoother, and has a natural radiant glow. This is the one product that can be added to any home routine and boost the visible results. Think of it as cardio for skin. It speeds up the release of old skin cells and bringing fresh, moist skin cells to the surface.
  • Tri-Power Peptide HydratorThe Tri-Power Peptide formula is the triple threat in the fight against aging. It firms, evens tone, and hydrates. This lightweight formula harnesses the power of three advanced peptides shown to increase collagen production, brighten skin, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. With the added ingredient BIOMOIST, it helps skin increase moisture retention by holding moisture on the skin longer than the most common ingredients found in typical moisturizers.

What is your current everyday skin care routine? I’d love to hear what products you’re loving.

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Red Lips for Day

How to Rock Red Lips for Day

Red lips are a classic look often associated with a glamorous night look. But it doesn’t have to be that way. I was inspired by one of Essie Button’s video to adopt a red lip for day. The thought scared me a bit, but then I realized I rock bright pink and dark purple lips all the time during daylight hours and that red should be no different.

I’ve found that the key to rocking red lips for day is to keep the rest of your face pretty neutral. I opt for a light, neutral eye with no eyeliner and minimal mascara with just a touch of soft blush. It’s really your lips’ time to shine, so make sure nothing else is stealing the show.

red lips for day

In this photo I’m sporting Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Outlaw, but there are lots of great red lip options in the wide world of makeup. You can check out the options below to find the color that works best for you.

How do you (or do you) rock red lips for day or night ever?

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San Francisco

My So-called Beautiful Life: San Francisco

You know what they say about California girls … actually I have no idea what they say, but for a brief week I was a San Francisco chick. I was flying out for work, so I decided to visit my soul sister who moved out to SF a couple of years ago for the weekend before all of my work duties began.

We had a great time people watching on the bus, sweating to death as we walked to the Golden Gate Bridge, partying on a rooftop as we watched the Blue Angels and doing major damage at Sephora … obviously. The only thing on my list that I missed was Lombard St, but there is always next time. Instead of boring you with all the nitty-gritty, I figured I’d share a few snaps instead. Enjoy!

San Francisco San Francisco San Francisco San Francisco San Francisco San Francisco San Francisco San Francisco San Francisco San Francisco

Have you been to San Francisco? I’d love to hear about your favorite parts of the city so I can add them to the itinerary for my next trip.

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travel skin care and hair

What I Brought on a Business Trip: Hair and Skin Care

I’ve been traveling much more this year than normal because of all the events I’m managing for my “real” job. While it’s been great to explore some new cities, each trip messes up my weekly routine, and I LOVE routine. It keeps me focused and sane because who needs spontaneity and fun anyways? As my eating and working routine flies out the window during work trips, I hold onto my hair and skin care routine with a death grip.

When I travel for fun, I try to pack a carry-on because I think paying to check a bag is a crime and I’m terrified my bag will get lost in space. But when I travel for work, YOLO. Bag costs $50 to check? Not a problem. Bag over 50 pounds? Not a problem. You lost my bag? Problem, but I’ll just expense the stuff I purchase while I wait for my personals. And the best perk of checking a bag? Not having to deal with repacking liquids into stupid small containers. Full-size or bust for this bad bitch.

So on to the point of this rambling post … my go-to travel skin care and hair products, which just so happen to also be my every-day skin care and hair products.

travel skin care and hair

Makeup Remover Wipes | Face Wash | Resurfacing Accelerator | Tri-Power Peptide Hydrator | Wrinkle-Reversing Serum | Facial Cleansing Brush | Face Oil | Face Lotion | Body Lotion

travel skin care and hair

Dry Shampoo | Hair Serum | Comb | Paddle Brush | Round Brush | Flat Iron | Curling Wand | Hair Dryer

What skin care and hair products do you bring with you on trips?

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beauty blog coalition

Beauty Blog Coalition Weekend Roundup: October 19, 2014

If everybody was working for the weekend, then everyone must be pretty darn happy. I’ve been on my feet working a trade show all week, so I can not begin to tell you how nice it was to just sit and lump around the house all. day. long! Whether your sitting or standing today, make sure to catch up with the ladies of the Beauty Blog Coalition and check out what they’ve been up to lately. Happy reading!

beauty blog coalition

Read something good this week? Share it in the comments below and I’ll give a read!

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beauty blogazons

The Beauty Blogazons Weekend Roundup: October 18, 2014

I don’t know about you, but I’m ecstatic that it’s the weekend. I was out of town for work all this week, and I’m so glad to be back home with my boo, in my own bed, and back to my normal routine. Ad what better way to get back into things than by checking up on the ladies from the Beauty Blogazons group? Enjoy!

beauty blogazons

What have you been reading this week? If you read something interesting, share it in the comments so I can check it out in my spare time!

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Halloween Makeup, Nails and Costume Ideas

Believe it or not, Halloween is just over two weeks away. And for people like you and me who love makeup and clothes, it’s the perfect excuse (as if we need one) to go big or go home. To help provide some inspiration, I’ve rounded up some great posts on Halloween makeup, nail and costume ideas from years past and fellow bloggers. Check them out and let me know what you think!

halloween makeup


  • Halloween Makeup – Honey, Queen Of The Forest Nymph Makeup Tutorial – Honeygirl’s World
  • BFTE The Shining Halloween Haunted House Collection 2014 – Painted Ladies
  • Favorite Halloween Beauty – Phyrra
  • Charming She-Devil Halloween Makeup Look (Plus $100 Sephora gift card giveaway!) – Beauty Tidbits

halloween makeup


halloween makeup


What do you plan to go as for Halloween this year?

Photos:  beautyXposé, Honeygirl’s World, Nail Polish Anonymous