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Product Review: Blow Up Spray by Amika

When I tell you that my hair is naturally crazy, believe me, it’s true.  I’m talking frizzy, poofy (not wavy, not curly, not straight – poofy), and 100 percent stubborn.  Though you typically see me with my hair straightened, or if I’m feeling ambitious – curled – I rarely leave the confines of my apartment without fixing my hair.

This means some serious heat damage from blow dryers and flat irons for my stubborn locks every single day.  Luckily, Amika was kind enough to come to my rescue and send over their Blow Up Spray.

According to Amika, the spray is based on Russian herbal remedies to restore natural moisture and balance to hair.  The spray is even enriched with sea buckthorn berry (obliphica) oil, like the rest of their line.

As a first time user, I was pretty impressed with the product.  I only had to use a small amount to coat all of my hair.  Though I didn’t see a huge difference immediately, I’m thinking that over time it might help to repair the heat damage and aid in protecting my strands from the future heat damage I’m sure I’ll be causing.

What do you use to keep your hair safe from styling tool heat?

How brilliant is the packaging?

Aside from the adorable design on the bottle, Amika’s packaging is also brilliant.  Equipped with a “lock” button, this bottle not only helps to protect your hair from styling heat, it also protects your other belongings from spills!

I’m ready to go!

Paired with my totally travel-friendly touch up flat iron, I’m ready to take Amika on the road/plane/train/wherever!

What are your favorite heat protectants?

Photos: beautyXposé Disclosure

The Straight Story: Kathryn Tests the Amika Swarovski Ceramic Styler

My naturally thick, wavy hair doesn’t tend to look good when I use a flat iron on it. My hair always ends up looking fried and full of flyaways. I also find that my hair sometimes gets caught in the area between the ceramic plate and the body of the flat iron, which can be painful.

My naturally wavy hair
A close up of my waves

When I received the Amika Swarovski Ceramic Styler, I was skeptical since I haven’t had much luck with flat irons in the past. But after trying this Amika styler, I fell in love with it.

A 100% solid ceramic styler with a 1.25 inch floating plate, this styler is extremely versatile. You can use it to create straight, wavy, or curly styles. Its far infrared technology and its high quality of ceramic makes it gentle on your hair and easy to use. Since the ceramic radiates far infrared heat, moisture is preserved in the hair shaft, which protects the hair cuticle from damage.

The Amika Swarovski Ceramic Styler isn’t just a great tool to use, it’s a great tool to look at it. With a pink body covered in purple blossoms, the styler is also adorned with Swarovski crystals. Once I got over how cute it was, I finally decided to use the styler as a flat iron. I was thrilled to see that my hair didn’t get snagged even once. There was no uncomfortable tugging of my hair for the first time!

My favorite part about the styler was that it heated up really quickly. I barely had to wait to use it and I was able to straighten all of my hair in a short amount of time. My hair was smooth and straight for one of the first times in my life and it didn’t look fried at all.

Sleek and styled after using the Amika flat iron
Smooth ends and no flyaways!

There were no signs of flyaways either, which to me is completely amazing. I really loved this ceramic styler and cannot wait to use it again. You can get the Amika Swarovski Ceramic Styler at Sephora for $160.00.

Photos: Amika; Kathryn Sena/BeautyXpose