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Another Fall, Another Tote

I have to say fall is my favorite season in terms of fashion and my own personal wardrobe. The weather is the perfect combination of cool and warm, allowing all fashionistas to dress how they please without much concern with the temperature. One of my favorite splurges before the fall every year has to be a new tote.

Tote bags are the most practical and stylish of all handbags in my opinion. They are sleek and polished, all while letting you bring around your necessities, plus more. As a student, I look for totes that I am able to fit my laptop and books in. However, I also look for bags that will double as a work bag that I can fit a lunch and some water in. It hasn’t always been easy, but every year I seem to come out with a tote bag I like more and more.

Whether it is back-to-school or just another fall at the office for you, there are a variety of chic totes out there calling your name. Take a look at some of my favorites below.

I currently own the Michael Kors Hamilton bag pictured below (only without the studs) and I absolutely LOVE it. Though you could probably say I’m a bit partial after working there for a year, I promise that bag, or any of the bags below, will not let you down.

Happy tote shopping!


Tory Burch Jaden Canvas Tote– Nordstrom- $225


Saratoga Studded Tote– Free People- $68


MICHAEL Michael Kors Hamilton Large Studded Tote– Michael Kors- $378


H&M Bag– H&M- $24.95


Pretty Nylon Medium Tote– Marc by Marc Jacobs- $198

Online Shopping: It’s All in the Genes

From the email of a BX mother: “Hey Girl. How’s your Day? Trying to keep myself from buying things on line so I can get a package…I know that sounds pathetic, but it is amazing how a package brightens your day.”

Truer words were never written, Mama. Psh, pathetic? More like genius.

gift_boxAlong with my love of small dogs, pretty painted toes nails, and caffeine, my mother has passed down her love of receiving something new (whether you need it or not).

Online shopping is a girl’s modern day “sending yourself roses” to make a guy jealous, except this time it’s your girlfriends, neighbors, and the general public who eye you enviously as you carry your “present” to your front door.

In an age where everything is done online, there is something terribly romantic about receiving a present via snail mail. It’s like an old fashion love letter (of which I have received one in my entire life), beautifully crafted, heart-warming, and exciting. And the suspense (is it the new shoes I ordered or the Coach bag I purchased?) is completely gratifying.

I won’t lie – there have been moments after downing a pint of Ben & Jerry’s on a Friday night that I have given in to my more basic urges and done a little online browsing, which quickly escalates into online purchasing.

With an endless amount of options and all just a click away, it’s easy to become addicted to online shopping. In fact, growing up around it has only made my condition worse ,and unfortunately, a cure has yet to be found. I’ve tried hiding my credit cards, begging friends to stop me mid-order, or refusing to boot up the computer (damn iPhones), but I always manage to find a way.

Maybe I don’t really want to stop. Maybe I like the instant gratification of purchasing something and the tingling anticipation of waiting for it to arrive. Maybe it’s not a problem, or an issue to work out – maybe it’s just a little something I do for myself — it keeps the romance alive, and it’s a great bonding moment with my mother.

The Morning After

Saturday night was a success for me.

First, I was feeling good. With a sheer purple top (with a tank underneath because I am not THAT girl), my favorite pair of gray skinny jeans, and tall black suede boots I was definitely rockin’ the single and available vibe.

Make up? Flawless. A dark purple hued (Silver Lining, E.L.F.) smokey-eye, a subtle shiny pink pucker, all paired with a come hither attitude.

I scoped out the bar with my friends and we realized within the first ten minutes we were completely surrounded by dudes. Hot dudes. Doesn’t this only happen in movies?

I smiled, I chatted, I flirted and I didn’t go home alone. This is what I woke up to the next morning.

Kristin's new lover
Kristin's new lover

Obviously my new Coach Bag takes priority over any sexy hunk that might have come my way. Some may see this as sad…waking up Sunday morning in bed with a handbag. I see it a healthy attitude towards sex, men, and good taste. Not to mention my bag doesn’t hog the blankets, have bad morning breath, or demand I watch ESPN.

As many know, I have been in need of a good bag for a while. My old Nine West was tattered and quite frankly, out of season. What I love, love, LOVE about this bag is the spacious zippered pouch right in the middle (great for storing wallets, phones, keys…aka MUST NOT LOSE ITEMS), as well as the big open pouches on either side. I am able to fit all my winter-must-haves in one bag, which is unheard of for me.

It’s pretty and practical. Kind of like me.