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Presents for Pops: ‘Briefcases’ from WhoIsYourMan.com

Our own dads gave so much to us growing up (driving lessons, presents and sometimes unwanted, yet helpful, advice), and now, many of us are celebrating Father’s Day with a special someone who’s a dad of his own.

It’s time to give back to the wonderful men who helped shape us into who we are today. Leading up to Father’s day, we’re highlighting some of our favorite gifts to show these special dads appreciation for all their hard work, love and patience.

Personalized “Briefcases” from WhoIsYourMan.com

Is dad a "SexyMan?"

Is dad a “SexyMan?”

Does the dad in your life need some new underwear?  Chances are, he does (even if he doesn’t want to admit it).  According to a survey conducted by Jockey last year, more than a quarter of men in America (26 percent) own underwear that is five or more years old, and eleven percent own underwear that’s aged more than a decade!

Since they’re going to stick around for a while, this Father’s Day, why not treat Dad to new briefs that fit his lifestyle?  WhoIsYourMan.com lets you pick out a unique “briefcase” gift set of designer underwear and skincare, with brands like Ed Hardy, ManSilk, John Allan and Billy Jealousy, among others.

ipodEach set is designed to fit one of five distinct “manly” personalities:  ClassyMan, RebelMan, EcoMan, AdventureMan and SexyMan. For example, “RebelMan” features Ed Hardy underwear with animal prints (is he a bulldog or a tiger today?), whereas EcoMan features C-IN2 underwear woven from bamboo fibers, and AdventureMan has the iBoxer, which includes a special pouch to hold an iPod!

Not sure which “Man” your special dad is?   Not to fear.  Take a quick personality quiz on the site to find out which gift is sure to knock his socks off (and ensure he’ll put his new briefs on).

The site offers both large and small gift cases ranging from $40 to $150.  Visit www.WhoIsYourMan.com to learn more and to purchase these unique briefcases.

Photos courtesy of WhoIsYourMan.com.