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Bare Escentuals Introduces Buxom Smoky Eye Sticks

Bare Escentuals is one of my favorite makeup brands. Last week I received some free samples from them — and let me tell you I was very excited to try them out!

In February, Bare Escentuals released new Buxom Smoky Eye Sticks ($18). They are waterproof eye sticks that can be used in three different ways. They promise to line, shade and smudge to simplify the smoky eye process. There is a built in liner that can sharpen the eyeliner for a more precise line close to lash line. This is a great eyeliner because you can have a rich bold line if you like, or a thinner line. There are eight great colors, which is great for those that don’t want just a black/grey smoky eye look.

The eight color choices are:

  • Smokin’ Pistol – smoky black
  • Ice Pick – smoky grey
  • Silver Sword – smoky silver
  • Nunchucks – smoky royal blue
  • Bow & Arrow – smoky moss
  • 5” Stiletto – smoky plum
  • Brass Knuckles – smoky bronze
  • Two by Four – smoky black/brown

They also sent me a Buxom Smoky Eye Brush ($17) to make the application process easier.

This brush is great for sweeping the stick on the lid and to soften the edges to help give you a smoky look. The Smoky Eye Brush is a great purchase along with the sticks. The bristles have a soft, tapered end that fits nicely into the crease of your eye. The combination of these two simplify the smoky eye look that so many strive for.

I love eyeliner, but typically only wear it on the bottom, as I can never get a straight clean line on my top. My problems have been solved! This went on incredibly smooth and the line looked great. I couldn’t believe I applied this by myself; not the make-up artists at the counter. Then, I tested out how waterproof it was. Let me say, it survived me splashing water on my face.  The sticks are very soft and creamy, so you don’t want to apply too much pressure or they’ll get smudged easily.

I was sent 5” Stiletto, Two by Four, Silver Sword and Smokin’ Pistol. There isn’t a huge difference between the colors, but it is slightly there.

Purple is my favorite color, so I was very excited to wear the 5” Stiletto. It isn’t obnoxiously purple either; it is a pretty plum. I highly recommend these products and give them two thumbs up.

As an extra bonus, I received a few Buxom Stay-There Eye Shadows. Bare Escentuals is making a charitable contribution to the Canine Companions for Independence (a non-profit organization that enhances the lives of people with disabilities by providing highly trained assistance dogs.) In honor of this, the colors are all named after different dogs. I was sent: Husky (baby blue), Sheepdog (silver), Cocker Spaniel (light copper) and Collie (light brown).

All the colors have a shimmer look.  These are waterproof as well and look great on your eyes. I love a little shimmer, so these are perfect for me. You can put on a little or a lot, depending on your preference.

I am a big fan of these latest Bare Escentuals products. From the fun, glamourous packaging to how great the sticks work, I am impressed. If you struggle with applying eyeliner like I do, it is definitely worth trying these sticks out. I can promise you, you won’t be disappointed!

Photos: Jennifer Gorden/BeautyXpose