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Colorado trip

My So-Called Beautiful Life: Colorado

Sooooooooooo …. it’s been almost a year since my last My S0-Called Beautiful Life. You know, that personal column I claimed I would write regularly. Annually counts as regularly, right?

Well let’s not dwell on my blogger fail and instead focus on the life event I’ve decided to break my hiatus with – our trip to Colorado. The beau and I headed out to Manitou Springs/Colorado Springs to meet up with the rest of my family to celebrate my oldest brother’s wedding. He was getting married to/is now married to Monica, a lovely lady who also happens to own an new online boutique. Go buy something, that’s an order. (If you are a good order-taker and do see something on Mon Bon’s Boutique that you can’t pass up, use the code beautyXposeLove for 10% off your order! But act fast, the code is only good for 50 uses.)

I had never been to Colorado before, so I was excited to explore in addition to seeing my fam (but that’s a given). The area was so beautiful, and I wish we had time to see more. A casual flash flood/mudslide kind of squashed all of our plans for the Saturday morning down-time before the wedding. Oh and my dad getting sick and going to the hospital didn’t help either, but that’s a whole other story. Side bar: he ended up being totally fine, so I’m not a terrible daughter for making fun of it.

While in Colorado we drove to the top of Pikes Peak, walked around Manitou Springs, reunited with some friends in Denver, survived a flash flood/mud slide, went to my brother’s wedding, danced the night away, caught up with family, ate lots of food and spent lots of time with my siblings. It was all great, except for the amount of time I spent with my younger sister. That was terrible. Lolz, I kid. Hi MCL! Plus, I got to spend 4 hours at a spa day with my mom, sister, sister-in-law and her family. I didn’t hate that!

Rather than attack your senses with a million full-sized photos from my trip, I’ll attack your senses with a million small-sized photos instead. I’m such a nice blogger!

Colorado trip
Some highlights from the Colorado trip

I would like to go back to the area sometime. There seems to be so much more to do that what we were able to see in the long weekend. If you do get the chance, stop by Manitou Springs, it’s an adorable hippie town at the base of Pikes Peak … which you must drive (or hike if you’re intense like that) to the top of.

Have you been to Colorado before? If so, I’m dying to hear your favorite part! 

Photos: beautyXposé