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High Fashion, Low Maintenance: Travel Light at

The Curly Hair Kit at

The TSA compromised everyone’s travel beauty regimen with super-strict rules about carry-on liquids. Not to fear – the site has all your TSA-friendly toiletry needs at great prices!

Are you a Curly Girl? Learn from the Hair Pros at

Gretchen Heber and Michelle Breyer

Featuring a salon finder, celebrity looks, hair care tips and product reviews, the Naturally Curly website is your serious one-stop spot for curly-haired girls. Find out some of the founders’ favorite products after the jump.

Lose Lackluster Locks with CURLS, End-of-Summer Hair Tips

curly hair and sun

The weather at the end of summer can be summed up in three words — hot, sticky and humid.  While this makes for wonderful beach and pool days, it also wreaks havoc on wavy or curly hair, which tends to already be on the dry side.  And those measures you were taking to cool off […]

Curly Locks? Tame em with a ‘Tini


All you girls with curly locks know how tricky it can be to keep them under control. Instead of lifting and separating (your curls that is), many gels and curl-control products leave your mane crunchy, flat and resembling something of a rat’s nest. And God forbid any humidity is in the air – your hair will puff up into an afro of sorts.

We are here to bring tidings of joy and good news to our curly sisters. All hail göt2b Styl-tini Strong One.

Got Frizz?


All my curly ladies – put your hands up! (Beyoncé is on repeat at the moment). So the other day I went into detail about low maintenance hair styles (á la J. Aniston), but today I actually put some effort into my morning routine and straightened my hair. As many of you might know, I […]