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Ready for Fall?

Refinery 29 is ready for fall, and so am I!  New York Editor Annie Georgia Greenberg recently posted a list of 25 pieces that she’s most excited about for fall, and I’m totally swooning over all of them.

I know I always jump the gun when it comes to changing seasons, but these pieces are all easily transition pieces — it’s all about how you wear each item.  For example, you can absolutely wear these skirts in the summer, but then pair them with thick tights and booties for the colder months.

My new thing is going for statement pieces.  Trust me, I have one of the biggest collections of neutrals, but lately I’ve been on the hunt for “louder” pieces, so to say.  A few of these are on the neutral side, but some definitely speak for themselves.

Check out my favorites below!

1.  During fall, I can think of nothing better than slipping into a comfy, oversized sweater and grabbing a hot coffee on my way to work.  This year, I’m obsessing over curling up in this Acne sweater.


2.  I’ve never really been a “trouser” gal, but I could totally change my mind after checking out these gingham check trousers.


3.  Does this even need an explanation?  The color, the shape, etc. – it’s just perfect.  Can you tell I’m wishing this ribbed wool mini skirt was sitting in my closet?


4.   Hi, new leather skirt, you’re simply gorgeous.  Pair this piece with a neutral button-down and you’re ready for any occasion!

Leather Skirt


5.  Wait a minute — florals, denim, and a convertible piece all in one?  I’m sold! This daffodil covered coat is already calling my name.

Denim  Coat

What fall clothing item is on your mind lately?

Another Fall, Another Tote

I have to say fall is my favorite season in terms of fashion and my own personal wardrobe. The weather is the perfect combination of cool and warm, allowing all fashionistas to dress how they please without much concern with the temperature. One of my favorite splurges before the fall every year has to be a new tote.

Tote bags are the most practical and stylish of all handbags in my opinion. They are sleek and polished, all while letting you bring around your necessities, plus more. As a student, I look for totes that I am able to fit my laptop and books in. However, I also look for bags that will double as a work bag that I can fit a lunch and some water in. It hasn’t always been easy, but every year I seem to come out with a tote bag I like more and more.

Whether it is back-to-school or just another fall at the office for you, there are a variety of chic totes out there calling your name. Take a look at some of my favorites below.

I currently own the Michael Kors Hamilton bag pictured below (only without the studs) and I absolutely LOVE it. Though you could probably say I’m a bit partial after working there for a year, I promise that bag, or any of the bags below, will not let you down.

Happy tote shopping!


Tory Burch Jaden Canvas Tote– Nordstrom- $225


Saratoga Studded Tote– Free People- $68


MICHAEL Michael Kors Hamilton Large Studded Tote– Michael Kors- $378


H&M Bag– H&M- $24.95


Pretty Nylon Medium Tote– Marc by Marc Jacobs- $198

Fall Must-Haves

As I’m sure we have all noticed, fashion trends tend to repeat themselves. After looking through previews for upcoming fall lines, it seems as though the fashion industry is moving back into the “masculine as feminine” trend-featuring items such as tweed blazers and dark grey dresses and skirts. Honestly, I was a skeptic of dressing in “manly” threads, but with the right accessories, I really have become a fan.

When shopping, I always try to purchase separate pieces that I can pair up with whatever I already have packed away in my closets. I tend to stick to purchasing solid colored clothing with a few stand out pieces and some classy accessories that can be used to tie the outfit all together and quite frankly, the clothing coming out for the upcoming season is making it really quite simple-bold dresses (my favorite) and understated accessories.

I’ve searched the internet and found some fall staples and a bunch of cute, yet classy accessories to go with them. It was hard to narrow my choices down, but here are some of my favorite picks!

My Fall Must-Haves

1. American Eagle 2. Aldo 3. ASOS 4. Hallelu 5. Zara

Readers, what are some of your fall season staples?