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Puddle Jumping with Swims

Believe it or not, I enjoy a good rainy day from time-to-time. It gives me a good excuse to wear oversized sweaters, lay in bed all day (if it’s not a work day) and sport cute rain boots when I finally get out off bed and out the front door.

A cute pair of rain boots can totally change the direction of a rainy day. It can turn my frown upside down and put a little extra pep in my step (pun intended). Plus, it doesn’t hurt that it makes getting around town in a downpour so much easier. Puddle in my way? No problem, I can splash my way through that without soaking my socks. And while I love my riding-boot-inspired rain boots, I had been lusting after a pair of ankle rain booties recently. Something seems so effortless and chic about a short boot that I don’t have to tug over my jeans.

Enter, Swims. The Dora boot was the answer to my rainy prayers. These ankle booties are easy to slip on as I run out the front door and work with almost any outfit I could dream up. Plus, the pop of orange brightens up even the most dreary of days. If I wasn’t trying to save money (ha!) I would seriously consider buying the Dora in all available colors. Let’s be honest, I’m considering it even though I’m trying to save money.



Sadly, it’s only rained twice since these beauties entered my life, but I wore them both days. I was excited enough just knowing I was wearing new rain booties, but it didn’t hurt that I received loads of compliments. Next thing you know, my entire office will be puddle jumping in their own pair of swims.

What footwear do you slip on when the rain starts?

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wish list

November Wish List

I’m trying to go shopping-free this month. The operative word being “trying.” But just because I’m not whipping out my wallet this month it doesn’t mean that I can’t window shop and lust after a few items. In fact, there are four items I have my eye on at the moment:

wish list

 Scarf | Lip Pencil | Eyeshadow Palette | Coffee Almond Scrub 

If you’re feeling generous, I’m accepting gifts :)

What are you lusting after this month?

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robert matthew

Leather, Tartan and Peach

It’s my favorite season for fashion – Fall. How can you not just love all the jackets, scarves, sweaters and purses?! Ok, so purses aren’t unique to Fall, but purses are always a good thing.

I’ve only owned two peach purses in my life. Once in 10th grade and once … now. This Robert and Matthew bad boy has become my everyday work bag  of the moment. It’s the perfect size and I love that is has a shoulder and cross-body strap. I don’t acknowledge purses without a cross-body option (unless it’s my trusty Lonchamp).

robert matthew robert matthew robert matthew robert matthew

Shoes: Banana Republic (Similar here & here) | Jeans: Free People (Similar here & here)

Tshirt: Vince (Similar here and hereJacket: Gap (Similar here and here)

Scarf: Target | Purse: c/o Robert Matthew

I wouldn’t normally whip out a peach purse after the Summer, but I’m actually kind of loving the unexpected color. It’s a nice contrast to the deeper colors of the rest of my Fall clothing. Plus, I’ve been getting loads on compliments, so I can’t put it away for next Spring/Summer just yet.

Would you rock a peach purse? 

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The Composition of Fashionable Footwear

Do you ever wonder what materials your shoes are made of? Many shoes are made of multiple materials, and the materials are what make your footwear unique, durable, and trendy. If you’re looking for new shoes that will look great for a variety of events and will hold up, look no further than Reef. Reef women’s shoes and Reef men’s shoes will not only look trendy but will be ideal for future vacations, events, and for everyday wear. What materials are your favorites? Here are a few that make your shoes a favorite durable pair you can’t seem to part with.

Men’s Leather and Suede Cruisers

Get your man some trendy and durable shoes made of suede and leather. With their clean and simple styling your significant other will love pairing favorite Reef men’s shoes with either a pair of khaki pants or jeans. Since these shoes are appropriate for work and play, they’ll probably be worn quite a bit. It’s a good thing that these cruisers have a compression molded cushion insole that helps keep any smells at bay. What’s more a woven textile along the shoe opening and on the gusseted tongue looks stylish due to its great looking pattern.footwear

Women’s EVA Sandals

In case you were wondering what EVA stands for, it is Ethylene Vinyl Acetate. Sandals made with this material are very light, since EVA is one of the lightest outsoles. EVA has a lot of great features. Shoes made with this material are water resistance, non-absorbent, corrosion resistance, and non-polluting. Reef women’s sandals that are made with EVA are also extremely durable and these essential sandals come with anatomical arch support. Arch support can be very important when you’re on your feet a lot but still want to look fashionable. Luckily you can have the best of both worlds by keeping your feet comfy with essential and trendy sandals.footwear

Recycled Fall Boots

For an edgy fall ensemble add a pair of essential fall boots to the mix. Reef women’s shoes that are lace-up boots can feature hand woven textiles from India, making them unique and very appealing for fall time and beyond. Fall boots can also be made of EVA, but the EVA can also be recycled, which means some Reef styles utilize recycled EVA from Reef’s Eco:One technology. This is wonderful news for the environment and also for you because your boots will be comfy and environmental friendly. What’s more, enjoy a foam footbed on boots that also offers arch support for when you’re on your feet for long periods of time.footwear

Do you pay attention to the materials your footwear are made of?

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emma stone met ball

Get the (Fashion) Look: Emma Stone at the 2014 Met Ball

It’s no secret that Emma Stone looked gorgeous at this year’s Met Ball. I mean, look at her! Now that I’ve found out how to master her makeup from the event, I’m ready to tackle her fabulous outfit. It took some digging, but I finally found what I think are the closest (within a non-celebrity’s budget) matches to her pink and metallic look.

emma stone met ball
Emma, we’re coming for your style!

You can shop these items here:



I love the colorblocking and touch of metallic. While the version I recreated here was as close to the original as possible, you could dress this look down with hot pink shorts and metallic sandals instead of the maxi and heels.

Next step … master her messy-yet-perfect braid!

What did you think of Emma Stone’s look?

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easter dresses

10 Easter Dresses

I somehow made it to this point in April without realizing Easter weekend is upon us. I blame it on traveling for work and not having cable (hence no commercials to watch), but it’s most likely because I’ve been too busy binge watching Drop Dead Diva on Netflix. I know, I have amazing TV preferences.

Let’s get back on track, shall we? So yea, Easter is this weekend and I have no idea if we have plans with my BF’s family. Naturally this means that I’ve been doing some virtual window shopping to make sure that I won’t be caught last minute without anything to wear. I’m sure I have plenty of dresses I could wear, but I’ll never say no to an excuse to buy another piece of clothing.

Want to hear a funny story? I realized while perusing Nordstrom that I already have the perfect, never-worn Easter dress. I got this blue lace number at T.J.Maxx last month for just $40, about $100 cheaper than it is online. You can buy it down below, but stop by your local T.J.Maxx/Marshall’s first to see if they’re carrying it.

Since I had a dress I totally forgot about that was perfect for Easter, I’m going to pass on buying a new one right now. But, never fear, my research didn’t go to waste! I’ve rounded up 10 of my favorite Easter dresses below for any of you who still need to find the perfect frock for this weekend.

easter dresses
Happy Easter!

You can shop these Easter dresses here:



Oh and if you need to make a Easter basket for a beauty lover or are just in the market for a new lip balm, check out these eos goodies. Aren’t they the cutest?!

What will you be wearing this Easter (assuming you celebrate)?

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dazzling blue

How to Wear Dazzling Blue this Spring

While it might not feel like it up in Boston where I am, Spring is well on it’s way, just 10 days away. We just sprung our clocks forward, and shop windows are teasing us with the cutest Spring frocks. And even though the weather forecast tells me I have more wintery days ahead of me, I can’t help but start stocking up on Spring clothes.

dazzling blue
Hello, Spring!

This Spring, I’m especially excited to sport anything and everything in Dazzling Blue – one of Pantone’s 10 Spring 2014 colors. So excited in fact, that I’ve teamed up with 9 other fabulous bloggers to show you how to rock this and the 9 other colors. If Dazzling Blue isn’t your color (but I’ve found it looks AMAZING on most people), you can skip on down to the end of this post and check out how my bloggy friends are rocking the other 9 colors. And while you’re at it, check out these 10 nail polishes that are perfect dupes for the 10 “it” colors of the season.

But back to the topic at hand – how to wear Dazzling Blue this Spring …

I have mixed feelings about Gap – I love Gap Fit clothes, but 90% of the time I strike out with their day-to-day wear. Still, I hold out hope and pop in every few months to see what’s new. When I popped in last month, I was ready to admit defeat when I stumbled upon the cutest dress in the back corner. Why anyone would put this baby in the corner is beyond me. I scooped it up, ran to the dressing room and jumped up and down (on the inside) when I saw how cute it looked on. It also didn’t hurt that I had to size down (I don’t hate you, Gap vanity sizing!).

And while I haven’t been able to wear it just yet – damn you, Polar Vortex! – I’ve been dreaming of all the ways I can wear this dress when the weather warms up a bit. Dressed up or down, this dress is going to be perfect for almost any occasion.

dazzling blue
1 dress 4 ways

Day Off: Shoes, Bag, Sunglasses | Work: Necklace, Blazer, Shoes | Date: Shoes, Earrings, Bag | Brunch: Shoes, Scarf, Hat

Here are some other Dazzling Blue clothing and beauty items you could rock this Spring: 

Photos: beautyXposé; Disclaimer

nye outfits

4 Fabulous NYE Outfits

Christmas has come and (sadly) gone, and the eve of a new year is upon us. Everyone who’s anyone knows you can’t ring in a new year wearing just any old frock; you must set the tone for the new year with a fabulous outfit.

To be honest, (honesty is where it’s at, duh), NYE is my least favorite holiday. I feel like people hype it up every year, and then it’s a let down. Maybe I’m just a party pooper, but only a handful of people I know actually really like NYE. However, everyone I know (or at least the ladies) loves the opportunity to dress up in something sparkly and bright!

nye outfits
Sparkle on!

Outfit 1: Top, Jeans, Earrings, Flats | Outfit 2: Jacket, Dress, Necklace, Booties

Outfit 3: Dress, Bracelet, Earrings, Wedges | Outfit 4: Dress, Earrings, Bracelet, Wedges

I’m not exactly sure of our NYE plans, but I know they will be on the more casual side. That in mind, I’ll most likely opt for an outfit like the first one – the jeans and blouse with some added sparkle.

What will you be wearing to ring in 2014?

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day to night look

The Beach Meets Happy Hour

Elle Magazine, fabulous as always, shared 25 of their favorite essentials that you can take from the beach right to happy hour. As I’m still acclimating to the hot, humid temperatures of Boston (can you tell I’m missing Brasil’s winter season?), I’m seeing how important it is to be comfortable while you’re out enjoying food and a few drinks with friends.

While away, it was chilly enough to have to wear a sweater at night, but here, it’s still in the high 80’s with humidity at an all time high. So, if you’re planning on spending a day at the beach and then heading right into your evening plans, check out some of my favorite essential transition pieces.

I narrowed down Elle’s beach day collection to a few of my favorites.  Check them out below!

day to night look
Get me to the beach … and a cocktail
  1. The Dress: A maxi is the perfect dress for a beach day turned night out.  It’s classy, fashionable, and totally comfortable.  A+ if you find one with an embellished collar like this beauty!
  2. The Shoe: Wedges are a lifesaver.  For real.  They’re comfortable and totally perfect for your beach to bar transition.
  3. The Bag: During the summer, the heat really makes me want to feel as free as possible.  I’m not sure if I explained that correctly, but essentially what I’m saying is I hate to have to carry a bag in summer.  So, I always go for a cute shoulder bag.  Plus, how can you resist this cobalt blue?
  4. The Accessory: If you are lucky enough to pick up an embellished maxi, go with a classic, simple piece of jewelry.  This delicate necklace from Shopbop is the perfect example.
  5. The Beauty Essential: Nars, by no surprise, has “The Multiple Stick,” which lets you highlight your sun glow on your cheeks, lips, collarbones, etc.  I haven’t tested this one out for myself just yet, but it sounds pretty perfect to me!

There you have it, one beautiful day to night look for the beach!

What is your beach day turned happy hour essential?

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Fab Meets Saturday

Fab Meets Saturday

I’ll happily admit that I’m obsessed with Kate Spade.  Now, I’ll also admit that I’m even more obsessed with Kate Spade Saturday.  The Saturday collection is affordable, cute, fun, and bright.  What more could you want?

Well, if it’s a Saturday sale on Fab.com that you want, your wish is granted.  Recently, Saturday was reacquainted with Fab and the result is nothing less than awesome.  Make sure to check out the sale and pick up your favorite (discounted) pieces before they’re all gone!

Although a few of my favorites are already sold out, I picked out a whole new set for you to check out this week:


kate spade saturday
Make a statement with a bold tote

Square Tote: Black is classic, but look how fun this bright pink is! If you can’t wear colorful clothing in the workplace, I suggest toting around this beauty!


kate spade saturday
You’ve always known you were superwoman, now you have the cap to prove it

Reversible Cape: With all of the rain lately, I’m convinced a hooded cape is a closet essential.  This one from Kate Spade Saturday is bold, fun, and reversible!  Side note – uhm, how do I not own this already?


kate spade saturday
Put your money where your mouth is, or in this fabulous wallet

Wallet: Every girl needs an everyday wallet, and I’m thinking this one just might be the one for me!  What beats a colorful and useful wallet, especially at a fraction of its original price?


kate spade saturday
Stripes? Yes, please!

Flats: I wear flats so much I’m surprised I’m not already sleeping in them.  Okay, that might be because sleeping in shoes is just plain weird.  But, I digress.  These cotton canvas flats look totally cozy and cute to boot.


kate spade saturday
Doesn’t this skirt just make you want to twirl around?

Mini Skirt: This year’s summer staple?  An adorable and versatile mini skirt.  Plus, this one from Kate Spade Saturday’s collection is a steal at $63!

What deal from the Fab and Kate Spade Saturday event are you going to grab before it’s gone?

Photos: Fab