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Hide Blemishes, Conceal Tattoos with Smart Cover Camouflage Makeup

smart cover before and after

Have trouble spots, blemishes, veins or tattoos and want to cover them up? It’s easy as pie with the heavy duty, inexpensive products from Smart Cover.

Put Your Best Face Forward With Daniel Chinchilla Beauty Perfecting Mineral Fluid

daniel chinchilla

Daniel Chinchilla’s mineral foundation boasts that it can smooth skin with a primarily water-based formula. Is this product a beauty bag must-have or just a summer fling?

Natural Beauty: Almay Pure Blends

almay pure blends cover 1

Looking for ways to look your best — naturally? Follow Pamela each week as she investigates products claiming to be organic and all natural. Through her research and personal reviews, she’ll help you make more informed purchasing decisions. First up — she tests Almay Pure Blends foundation and mascara.

Kelly’s New Airbrush with Fame: TEMPTU AIRbrush Makeup System

temptu airbrush makeup system

After dropping numerous hints in person and on her blog, Gouldylox Reviews, Kelly Gould was finally blessed with getting her most coveted beauty gift from her husband (Santa Lox).Read on to find out if Kelly’s new TEMPTU AIRbrush Makeup System lived up to her great expectations!

The Case of the Stolen Tinted Moisturizer

Hands off!

Hands off! How would you react if your daily tinted moisturizer (or foundation, concealer, etc.) was suddenly kidnapped, and you had to show your bare face for 24 hours? I would like to say I would not care, that I am not shallow enough to let this bother me. However, I found out this weekend […]

Arm Yourself with New Conceal FX Concealer by Cover FX

conceal fx concealer

Cover FX has added the ultimate “concealed weapon” to its arsenal of foundations and cover up products — Conceal FX. Now available at Sephora, and select Nordstrom stores in the U.S., Conceal FX offers the perfect opaque camouflage for disguising flaws ranging from everyday blemishes to vivid tattoos.

Get Ready for Prime Time with BritePrep FX

briteprep fx cover

What doesn’t BritePrep FX do? Cover FX, one of our favorite foundation makers (aptly coined “The Foundation Authority”), has done it again – this time with a foundation…for your foundation.  We’re talking about a primer, of course.  But the brand’s new BritePrep FX is more than just a primer for smooth foundation application – it’s […]

One Size Fits All: New Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation

dr. perricone no foundation foundation

If the doctor tells me to do something, you can pretty much count on me to follow orders. So when a different kind of doctor recommended to use a new foundation, I obviously did as I was told. This “doctor” I am referring to is Dr. Perricone — the founder of Perricone MD skincare products. […]