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sephora haul

Sephora Haul: VIB Rouge Event

This past Sunday I was invited to a VIB Rouge “Beauty Before Brunch” party. What does that mean? People who spend too much money at Sephora on a yearly basis are invited to come spend even more money all at one time. Needless to say, I RSVPed as fast as my little fingers would let me and planned my mini Sephora Haul.

sephora haul

Having just returned for a long and relatively expensive vacation, I told myself I would save money by just picking up the “necessities.” But need is relative, and I ended up with three hair products I was excited to get my hands on. I snatched up the Living Proof PHD shampoo and conditioner, which I have been LOVING (more on that later), and the Bumble and Bumble Don’t Blow it cream I had read about on Gouldylox. I haven’t tried the B&B cream yet, but I’m going to this weekend and I can’t wait!

sephora haul

In addition to the products that I paid for, each event-goer was gifted an adorable makeup bag filled with samples from all sorts of brands ranging from KORRES to benefit to Chloe. Not a bad perk!

What goodies have you picked up recently?

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7 Tips for Perfect Summer Hair

In case you missed the memo, Summer is in full swing. Here in Boston, the temps have been soaring and the humidity has been wreaking havoc on our hairstyles. Top knots are a girl’s best friend this time of year.

Wouldn’t it be awesome to have a hair style other than “fizz ball” this time of year? Yes, yes it would. That’s why I’m teaming up with Joanne Starkman, co-owner of Innersense Beauty, to bring you seven heat-beating hair tips for the rest of the summer. I hope you enjoy!

  1. Care for Your Hair Before the Pool: We all love a dip in the pool, but dry hair is a drag. “The #1 hair complaint I hear is dryness; chlorine is a cause. Before plunging in, make sure your hair is saturated with water,” urges Starkman. She loves to smooth Innersense Color Radiance Daily Conditioner over wet hair before diving in. Once you’re finished swimming, rinse hair thoroughly and shampoo. Starkman shampoos with Color Awakening Hairbath, “Containing sunflower seed extract, the Hairbath adds natural color protection so hair color stays fresh longer.”
  2. Give Your Hair a Break: Consider taking a break from the blow dryer and curling or flat irons. As an alternative, set hair with rollers or braid when damp to beat the heat and help create “beachy” waves.
  3. Embrace Oils: Even with hats and umbrellas, your hair will see a lot of sun. “Additional moisture and protection is vital to the health of your hair in the summer. I love Tamanu Oil for its rich nourishing benefits,” adds Starkman. Tamanu Oil is used inHarmonic Healing Oil, which is a moisturizer and sun protectant. Simply emulsify a few drops in hands and smooth over hair.
  4. Pack a Wide-Tooth Comb: “Brushing wet hair promotes split ends. Instead, the best way to detangle hair is to start at the ends and work toward the scalp using a wide-tooth comb,” explains Starkman. For extra slip and hydration, spray on Sweet Spirit Leave-In Conditioner before using the wide-tooth comb.
  5. Dress up Your Tresses: Break out bright-colored scarves and large floppy hats!  Consider a loose ponytail or a side braid for a new look that beats the heat. Decorative bobby pins and fabric hair ties add a fun touch.
  6. Go Short: Is there a short cut you have always wanted to try? Why not change it up? Summer is a great time to test a chic style or get a few highlights.
  7. Eat Summer Fresh: Diet plays a part in hair health, so shop at farmers markets and take advantage of in-season produce. Starkman suggests, “Avocados and nuts contain omega-3 fatty acids that add extra moisture and hydration in the body and hair. And, watch your intake of excessive sugars. They can contribute to the overgrowth of yeast, which may lead to dandruff and dry scalp.”

What are your go-to tricks for mastering the perfect summer hairstyle?

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About Joanne Starkman – Starkman is the co-founder of Innersense™ Organic Beauty, which is a leader in the green beauty industry. Carried at more than 4,000 salons & spas and at www.InnersenseBeauty.com, Innersense products are free of toxins, silicones, resins, phthalates & parabens.

About Innersense™ Organic Beauty – More than ten years ago, Greg and Joanne Starkman were struck with a realization that their professional paths were not in alignment with their values. They turned inward and a new journey began with Innersense. Handcrafted using Certified Organic and Bio Dynamic plant extracts, Innersense products are free of toxins, silicones, resins, phthalates and parabens. Innersense is a Certified Green Business. The products are available at more than 4,000 salons and spas and on www.innersensebeauty.com.

Mastey- Say Yes to Eco-Friendly Hair Care

As a beauty blogger, I have been dying to try using more eco-friendly products on my face, skin, and hair. Let’s be honest- I am not getting any younger, and I will try anything that doesn’t have harsh chemicals or additives that will aid in the aging process! Mastey has a whole line of eco-friendly hair care products, and I had the chance to try out their Color Protecting Shampoo and Conditioner.


I have fast growing hair, and before I know it, it reaches halfway down my back. Having a good shampoo and conditioner is very important to me. Mastey’s hair products are 100% vegan, rich in antioxidants, and are formulated with argan oil and olive oil. Best of all, they contain no ammonia, sodium chloride, parabens, synthetic dyes, and no PPD (more information on the negative effects of PPD is here).

I LOVED the pearlescent shine the shampoo had when I squeezed it into my hand.

Behold the shimmery beauty:

mastey mastey

Although the shampoo was nice, I really fell in love with the conditioner. You know when you go to the salon, and they use shampoos and conditioners that smell way better than anything you can ever buy in the store, and you’re like “what is this heavenly scent and why can’t I find it anywhere?” That is Mastey’s Color Protecting Conditioner. True story.

Interested in giving your over treated locks a break? Head over to www.mastey.com, and check out their whole line of haircare products. I will definitely be passing this on to my health conscious vegan friends!

Have you tried Mastey shampoo and conditioner before?

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My Spring Skin Care Regimen: Introducing Karelèn Products

I like to think of myself as a bit of a lotion connoisseur, so when I heard about the new brand, Karelèn, and their line of body butters, hand and body lotions, and dry oils, it was like I’d died and gone to heaven. Actually, my first thought was, “What is a dry oil and why haven’t I tried one yet?!”



Receiving my goodies in the mail was much like opening my presents on Christmas morning. There was a lot of oohing and aahing. The body butters, lotions, and dry oils come in 13 fragrances, each with their own unique healing nutrients such as Vitamin E to neutralize free radicals, avocado rich in omega-3 fatty acids, and olive oil to promote cell growth.

I am a sucker for good packaging, and I loved the little pump on my Vivacious Vitamin E Hand & Body Crème. Not only did it make my skin feel silky smooth, it had a light and fresh fragrance that is perfect on these warmer sunny days.

…And can we talk about the dry oils? I love the idea of oils, but usually they are pretty messy and can leave stains on sheets and clothing. The two oils I’ve been using (Luscious Coconut and Olive All Over) go on like an oil, but rub in matte. They also smell divine- I have a small obsession with anything coconut! I was a little skeptical when the bottle said it was fast-drying, easily absorbed, and non-greasy, but the description was spot on. My only wish for these bottles is that they had spray nozzles to create a mist, rather than droplets of oil. Kind of like the old Australian Gold tanning oil sprays I used to use when I was a clueless sun worshipping high schooler.

Below you can see how matte the oil is after I rubbed it into my hand. No sun glare here!


Karelèn also has a whole line of hair products called Curly Twirls. Although the weather has not become quite humid enough yet for me to wear my hair wavy, I have sprayed their Frizz Blitz Spritz with Argan Oil on my frizzies to smooth them down. I can’t wait to use the Curly Twirls Custard when it gets a little warmer. Both of these smell fantastic! On the left my frizzies are out in full force, and on the right they have been tamed by the Frizz Blitz Spritz. Nice and smooth and definitely not greasy looking!



The amazing thing about Karelèn products are that they are made in the U.S.A and are crafted with the earth’s finest essential oils. They contain no glycols, parabens, mineral oils, or petrolatum, and best of all are cruelty free. And for $8 each, they are a steal. If you want to check out their whole line, head over to their website at http://karelen.com.

Have you tried Dry Oils yet? Tell us in the comments below!

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Schwarzkopf’s New Dry Shampoo Leaves Hair Voluminous and Clean

Hey beauties! I’m pretty sure I am one of the last girls on the planet to jump on the dry shampoo bandwagon. I know our very own Kristin Bassett has her go-to product, and many of my friends swear by it. So when I had the opportunity to test out Schwarzkopf Styliste Ultime Biotin+ Volume & Texture Luxe Fresh Dry Shampoo, I was thrilled!

Schwarzkopf Dry Shampoo

I have to admit, it is a rare day that I don’t shampoo my hair. Sometimes I’ll get into weekend mode and go a little longer without my shower, but I cannot stand the feel of unwashed hair. Maybe because I have A LOT of it. It took everything in my power to leave my hair dirty for this experiment.

The Schwarzkopf products are specifically designed to leave your hair feeling weightless while adding volume and giving roots a boost. The great thing about the dry shampoo is it can be used on clean hair to add a little texture and volume. Score!

A few things I noticed after spraying my roots from about 8 inches away:

  • The air felt cold and refreshing
  • It had a whitish color (like powder) that needed to be rubbed in
  • The scent was fantastic!

My only suggestion while using this dry shampoo would be not to spray it directly on your part, as it does tend to begin as a powdery tint. Also, it does need to be worked in pretty well to assure it has even coverage. Although it left my hair looking more matte than shiny, it did give it volume and felt MUCH cleaner. See for yourself:

schwarzkopf dry shampoo

schwarzkopf dry shampoo

Schwarkopf has a whole styliste ULTÎME Biotin+ Volume & Texture Collection, and for the price ($6.97 each), you can’t go wrong.

Are you ready to jump on the dry shampoo bandwagon?!

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Remington T|Studio Pink Silk Oval Wand

Remington T|Studio Pink Silk Oval Wand

It’s scientifically proven that I can’t turn down the chance to test out new hair-related goodies. Whether it’s a new shampoo or a new hair tool, I just need to get my greedy little hands on it. So of course, I couldn’t say “No” to the change to test out the Remington T|Studio Pink Silk Oval Wand.

My hair is naturally curly, but I’m an insane person, so I blow dry it straight and then physically curl it myself on a regular basis. Like I said, I’m insane.  And while I love my Sultra, it can be hard to get a loose wave rather than a more defined curl with that specific tool, so I was looking forward to trying a new brand and barrel shape.

With my excitement came a bit of nervous curiosity. Would the oval barrel make my hair look kinky? Would a more affordable brand work as well as my Sultra? Side note: I’m a marketer’s dream – I assume that the more expensive an item, the better it is. So with excited jitters in my belly, I heated up the wand and started wanding my little heart out.

Remington T|Studio Pink Silk Oval Wand

Remington T|Studio Pink Silk Oval Wand

I’ll jump to the chase here – I was more than pleasantly surprised with the end result. I was able to achieve a loose wave by keeping the wand on a lower heat (around 320 degrees) or a more defined curl by turning up the heat (around 360 degrees). And while the waves/curls did fall a bit more throughout the day than when I use my Sultra, they were still intact and just as lovely at the end of the day. They even held up through a good night’s sleep!

For $29.99, this bad boy is a steal. So if you’re in the market for a curling wand (or even if you aren’t), you should scoot your caboose to Target and snag one for yourself.  And with that, I’ll leave you with some product features and gratuitous pictures of myself:

  • Oval Waving Wand with Silk Ceramic Technology
  • 410⁰F Digital salon high heat
  • Digital Displays/Controls for precise temperature control
  • Includes heat resistant glove for safe and easy styling
  • 30 second heat up and 60 minute auto shut off
  • 4 year warranty

Remington T|Studio Pink Silk Oval Wand

Remington T|Studio Pink Silk Oval Wand

Remington T|Studio Pink Silk Oval Wand

Have you ever tried a curling wand before?

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Condition and Cleanse with WEN

I know it sounds ridiculous to say, but I love my hair and I equally love hair care products. Anything that will add a little extra volume, extra shine and extra style is my best friend. I had heard amazing things about WEN products, but had never gotten around to giving them a try. So when WEN reached out about their new Fall Tuscan Pear line, I immediately jumped on the opportunity.

If there is anything I love as much as hair-related things, it’s Fall. Combine Fall and hair and you have one happy beauty blogger! As soon as the  Fall Tuscan Pear Cleansing Conditioner arrived on my doorstep, I hopped into the shower and lathered up.


In addition to never having tried WEN, I had also never tried a cleansing conditioner. The concept confused me. Is it a shampoo? Is it a conditioner? Is it a magic potion? The thought of not using both shampoo AND conditioner in the shower threw me off. I assumed that cleansing conditioners would leave my hair greasy and heavy. But you know what happens when you make assumptions …

The first thing I noticed was the scent. It is absolutely delicious and perfect for fall. I wish all of my hair care products had the same scent. Then next thing I noticed was the amount of product I was supposed to use. According to the instructions, my long hair would require 24-32 PUMPS. Considering I normally use just a dollop of shampoo and a dollop of conditioner, this amount seemed insane. After some trial and error, I found out I could skate by with fewer than 24 pumps (22ish to be exact).

Much to my surprise, my hair was neither greasy nor heavy after using the cleansing conditioner. My hair was left with loads of moisture and shine. To be completely transparent, it wasn’t quite as voluminous as normal, but it’s something only I, the owner of the hair, would notice.

Since my hair is naturally thicker with a lot of it’s own natural moisture, I’ve decided against using this as my regular shampoo/conditioner. I use it a couple times a week or any time my hair is feeling a little fried. And at $40 a bottle, I like the idea of getting the most out of the product. However, if you have more dry hair, this could be used on a regular basis.

Have you ever tried out WEN products or another cleansing conditioner?

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vidal sassoon

Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Touch Control Digital Hair Dryer

Hair care and touch screens are two things that I don’t typically associate with each other. For the past 26 years, my hair styling has been relatively normal and low key. And then I was gifted a fancy new blow dryer from the Vidal Sassoon Touch Control Line.It might have taken me a few times … or a few weeks … to properly use the touch controls on the dryer, but now I can dry like a touch-screen pro.

vidal sassoon
Look at that red beauty!

At $44.99, this dryer is a total steal. There are over ten temperature and ten speed settings on this dryer, which means you can get very picky when it comes to exactly how you’d like to style your hair. And for such an inexpensive dryer, it does the job! My hair is dry in no time flat and it hasn’t done damage to my ends like other dryers. Plus it’s lightweight, so it’s easy to tote around for travel, which is what I did during all of my June trips. My dryer has already been to four different states!

vidal sassoon
One touch to perfectly dry hair

While I feel fancy using the touch screen controls, I think I would prefer more basic (for lack of a better word) controls. It’s easy to turn on, set and lock, but it can be hard to unlock the settings when trying to turn off the dryer. Sometimes I give up and just unplug the dryer. It’s just a little too much work at the end of a long day.

Have you ever tried touch-screen hair tools?

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5 Uses for Dry Shampoo

If you asked me a year ago, dry shampoo wouldn’t have made my list of must-have beauty products. I was young and stupid, don’t hold it against me. Now that I’m so old and mature, I’m hear to tell you that dry shampoo is not only on my must-have list, but it’s also part of my just-about-daily beauty routine. The only days I don’t use it are the days I don’t get out of my pajamas. The last thing I’m worried about on those days is what my hair looks like, but let’s not digress.

I started off using dry shampoo for the obvious reasons, but then I got adventurous and expanded my horizons. Who knew dry shampoo could be used as a replacement for bush?! JK, that’s not true. Just trying to keep you on your toes. After some experimenting, I’ve found 5 main uses for dry shampoo in my daily life. I’m sure there are a bunch more (in fact I know there are), but I figured I’d share the ones I have tested with you here. Dry shampoo for everyone!

5 uses for dry shampoo

1. De-grease your second-day hair. This one is a given, seeing as saving your second-day hair is the most common use for dry shampoo. If I wake up to a head of greasy hair and don’t want to/have the time to give it a good washing, I spritz a bit of dry shampoo and voila! I’m good to go and no one needs to know that my hair is going on day 2, 3 or 4 of no washing.

2. Prevent your hair from getting greasy. IRL, this comes before use #1, but I figured I’d start with the traditional use. To make sure that I don’t need to worry about waking up greasy, I spritz some dry shampoo on my roots after drying my hair. That way, I can go to sleep without worrying about looking like a buttered turkey danced on my head in the middle of the night.

3. Add volume. If I’m short on time or simply being lazy, I’ll run a straightener through my hair and call it a day. However, this often times leaves my hair a bit flatter than I tend to like. To add a little oomph, I spry dry shampoo from my roots to mid shaft, brush out and bam. Instant volume.

4. Add texture and hold. This is going to sound like a ridonk, shallow complaint, but if I style my hair at all using heat, it can sometimes be too soft. I know, I know. I need to STFU. But hear me out. If your hair is too smooth, it can look limp and make it hard to hold a style. Plus, that whole tousled, textured look is super smexy. Too add a little texture to my hair, which in hand makes it easier for my hair to hold a style, I reach for my trusty dry shampoo. Just like the other uses, a couple of spritzes and my hair is no longer limp and on the verge of losing it’s style.

5. Keep your curls from sticking. This should really be use 4b, but alas. No matter how much I brush out my curls, they always seem to find their way back to each other. And any grown woman knows that Shirley Temple curls aren’t cute. To keep my bratty curls from merging into one giant tendril, I spray dry shampoo all over the place once I’m done with my curling wand to keep them from sticking. Good bye Shirley, hello tousled, sexy curls.

If you’ve been reading for a while, you know I LOVE Not Your Mother’s dry shampoo. It’s one of the few items I repurchase each time without even considering an alternative. If you missed that memo, you can read about my love here and here. I find it at my local CVS, so you should (fingers crossed) be able to find it easily. I also know it’s sold at Ulta, if you have one nearby, and Amazon.

Want some additional tips and tricks for dry shampoo? Popsugar and Cosmo have articles just waiting for you!

How do you use dry shampoo?

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Drugstore Beauty Favorites

My Top 5 Drugstore Beauty Products

I have something a little bit different for you beauties today. I’m blogging about my top 5 drugstore beauty products on Project-Swatch

While I love high-end makeup products like any respectable beauty blogger, I don’t always like emptying my wallet at the registers. Thankfully, I’ve found a bunch of drugstore beauty products that I like just as much, if not more, than the high-end alternatives. You can read all about my top 5 in my Project Swatch guest post.

Drugstore Beauty Favorites
These are a few of my favorite things

What are some of your favorite drugstore beauty products?

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