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Golden Globes Beauty: 5 Stars, 5 Looks

Whether you watch to see who wins or you’re just curious what the stars are wearing on the red carpet, the Golden Globes is a can’t-miss event. We learned which beauty products helped five stars look their best at this year’s awards gala, so you can copy their looks for your next big night out!

Sofia Vergara — The COVERGIRL Queen

"For me, a really glamorous evening look starts with the eyes."  --Sofia Vergara
“For me, a really glamorous evening look starts with the eyes.” –Sofia Vergara





Amy Adams — Lovely in Laura Mercier

Amy's look was created by Stephen Sollitto for Laura Mercier
Amy’s look was created by Stephen Sollitto for Laura Mercier


laura mercier pralineEyes:



Emma Watson — Matte Lip Perfection

You can recreate Emma Watson's look using Mary Kay products
Emma Watson’s matte pink lipstick pairs prettily with her bright dress

Emma’s look can be recreated using products from Mary Kay, though they were not actually used on the actress at this event.


  • Try this spray to lock in your look
    Try this spray to lock in your look

    TimeWise® Matte-Wear® Liquid Foundation

  • Mary Kay® Mineral Cheek Color in Citrus Bloom
  • Mary Kay® Makeup Finishing Spray by Skindinavia®


  • Mary Kay® Mineral Eye Color in Hazelnut (all over eyelid), Honey Spice (crease) and Sweet Cream (inside corners)
  • Mary Kay® Mineral Eye Color in Moonstone and lightly apply Mary Kay® Eyeliner in Black.
  • Mary Kay® Lash Love® Lengthening™ Mascara in I <3 Black (several coats)


  • Mary Kay® Lip Liner in Spiced Tea
  • Mary Kay® True Dimensions™ Lipstick in Spice ‘n’ Nice


Reese Witherspoon — Another Laura Mercier Lover

Reese's look was created by Mai Quynh for Laura Mercier
Reese’s look was created by Mai Quynh for Laura Mercier





Amber Heard — Hourglass Hero

Makeup artist Matthew VanLeeuwen created Amber Heard's look
Makeup artist Matthew VanLeeuwen created Amber Heard’s look


A gorgeous golden pink rose
A gorgeous golden pink rose




All photos provided courtesy of the corresponding beauty product brands

Get the Look: Dramatic Smokey Eyes

In this tutorial, Anne shows how to get smokey eyes fit for a seductress!  Products were sent for review purposes, but opinions are all Anne’s own.

how to get smokey eyes, smoky eye tutorial

Whether you want to mimic Sophia Loren’s smoldering lids for a cocktail party or you are planning on dressing up as Cleopatra for Halloween, dramatic smokey eyes are always in style.

I decided to cast my own smokey eye magic using products from the Laura Mercier Dark Spell collection for Fall 2013. Here’s how to get smokey eyes in just five steps.

Shadows and eyeliner from the Laura Mercier Dark Spell collection for fall 2013
Shadows and eyeliner from the Laura Mercier Dark Spell collection

What You’ll Need:

how to get smokey eyes smokey eyes tutorial

5 Steps to Get Smokey Eyes:

1.   Draw a thick line all the way around your eyelids using a kohl eye liner. Rim both the inner and outer lids, and don’t worry about perfection, because you will smudge it all later.

2.   At the outer corner of your eyelid, draw a slanted line at a 45 degree angle extending up toward the outer corner of your eyebrow with the liner (be sure to stop about half inch away from the brow). Then extend the line to follow your eye crease, creating an inverted “v” shape.

Create an inverted “v” using the kohl eye liner

3.  Using a blending eyeshadow brush, with the silver/black shadow, follow the kohl eyeliner and smudge along the whole line so there are no harsh edges. Then, apply the white eyeshadow directly under the eyebrow and blend down into the inverted “v” shape.

how to create a smoky eye; smoky eye tutorial
Blend, blend, blend, so there are no harsh edges!

4. Then mix the white and black shadow on your brush to create a light silver shade, and apply on the inner corner of your eyelid, working your way toward the outer corner until it blends in with the darker inverted “v” shape.

5.  Finish off by curling your lashes and applying a coat of mascara!

how to create smokey eyes tutorial
Voila! Model-worthy smokey eyes.


Photos: Anne Houseman/beautyXposé
summer eyeshadows in the Laura Mercier Folklore collection

Summer Eyeshadows by Laura Mercier

Anne shares how to get a bronze eye look using summer eyeshadows from the Laura Mercier Folklore collection. Products were sent for review, but opinions are all Anne’s own.

The unofficial kick-off to summer is here, which means it’s time to turn up the heat on your beauty routine. As you probably already know from my previous posts on the subject, I like to make my makeup “muy caliente” by bronzing it up to match the rising temps. That means overhauling my summer eyeshadows in addition to using self-tanner and my favorite bronzers.

This year, Laura Mercier has just what I’ve been looking for.

summer eyeshadows in the Laura Mercier Folklore collection
My new summer eye look using Laura Mercier.

As part of the brand’s Folklore collection,which was inspired by Aztec influences and the spirit of earth and fire, Laura Mercier introduced three new shades of Illuminating Eye Color ($24 each). The overall look is coppery and bronzed, infused with rich earth tones.

Laura Mercier generously sent me two of the three new summer eyeshadows to test out and share with you all, and I think you’ll see just why I fell in love with them.

laura mercier summer eyeshadows
Laura Mercier Illuminating Eye Colour in Sun Glow and Earth Glow

First, let’s judge a book by its cover, shall we?  We all know I’m a sucker for packaging and presentation, so it’s no surprise I am enamored with the pillow-y imprinted design in the eyeshadows. It’s a small detail that makes a big difference in how much I adore these shadows.

Fortunately, the contents of this book match its gorgeous cover! Both shadows are finely milled powders that glide on very easily and feel incredibly smooth. But even more impressive is how evenly they cover your lids with color, which stays quite true to the shade in the palette.

Both Sun Glow and Earth Glow contain a pretty shimmer that intensifies the bronze glow. I played around with both shadows to create my new summer go-to eyeshadow look:

summer eyeshadows by laura mercier
A smoky bronze look using Laura Mercier’s Sun Glow and Earth Glow eyeshadows.

Since the colors are so pigmented, I simply wet the tip of a pointed liner brush, swiped on the Earth Glow, and lined my eyes with it. Voila — instant eyeliner, for an all-in-one look.

I have to say, I’m hooked, and I’ve been wearing these colors often over the past month, and I’m sure they’ll make quite a few more appearances each week throughout the summer. Will you be updating your summer eyeshadows too?

Photos: Anne Houseman/beautyXposé

Romantic Makeup: The Laura Mercier Arabesque Collection

The Laura Mercier Arabesque Collection features soft pinks, blues and neutrals. 

Beautysets_24454_1361724349After several spring seasons filled with bright lips and bold eyes, Laura Mercier is bringing back soft pastels and romantic makeup in its limited edition Arabesque collection. Overall, the look is soft, sweet and angelic (think old school Taylor Swift), which looks beautiful on both blondes and brunettes alike.

I had the opportunity to test out two Laura Mercier Eye Pencils along with a beautiful lip gloss, and I must say that I’m in love with these products.

laura mercier arabesque collection
Products from the Laura Mercier Arabesque Collection
laura mercier arabesque collection swatches
Top to Bottom: Laura Mercier Lip Glace in Baby Pink; Laura Mercier Limited Edition Shade Eye Pencil in Stone Grey; Laura Mercier Eye Pencil in Midnight Bleu

To create my own soft, romantic look, I first applied my now new favorite lip gloss ever: Laura Mercier Lip Glace in Baby Pink.

laura mercier arabesque collection lip glace in baby pink
Laura Mericer Lip Glace in Baby Pink, $20

This lip gloss is not sticky at all, and it has just the right hint of light pink, which actually lightens my lips, which tend to have a brighter pink flush. I absolutely love how it makes my lips look sweet and soft, and I’ve brought this lip gloss with me everywhere for the past month, since it looks great with every makeup look.

Next, I decided to play with a two-toned eyeliner look.

Laura Mercier Arabesque Collection Eye Pencils
A two-toned, smudged eyeliner look. Midnight Bleu on top, Stone Grey on bottom.

First, I applied the Laura Mercier Eye Pencil in Midnight Bleu in a thick line across my top eyelids. I wasn’t worried about making a prefect line, and to soften the look, I used a sponge eye shadow applicator to smudge the entire line. This ended up creating a softer, smoky look. Then, I applied the Eye Pencil in Stone Grey along the lower water line and smudged it down under the lower lids.

It’s refreshing to wear this soft pastel look after a winter full of deep, smokey eyes and red lipstick. What do you think?

Laura Mercier Arabesque Collection applied
Soft makeup from Laura Mercier and a ballerina bun.
Photos: Anne Houseman/beautyXposé

Decadent Summer Scent: Laura Mercier Almond Coconut Milk Collection

As a child, my summers consisted of long days of swimming, splashing and squealing in the pool with my sister and neighborhood friends. In evenings, with the aroma of tropical sunscreen still baked on our sun-kissed skin, we’d catch fireflies in jars with holes poked through the lids and we’d wish we could keep our new “pets” forever.

Laura Mercier Almond Coconut Body Butter

These memories came flooding back to me the instant I opened the silver tube of Laura Mercier’s Almond Coconut Milk Body Butter ($35). As just one product in the Laura Mercier Almond Coconut Milk collection (which also includes Body Crème, Body Wash, Honey Bath, Hand Crème, Scrub and Eau de Toilette), the Body Butter boasts the most deliciously decadent summer scent that the sunscreens of years past only wish they could live up to.

Overall, the scent is warm and inviting, and it features more coconut than almond (in my mind anyway). This is a chic, luxurious scent — not nearly as sugary as many inexpensive varieties of “coconut” tend to smell.

Tucked away in the pretty silver tube, the cream itself is rich, and I almost feel deliciously naughty — like I’m indulging in a gourmet cupcake — every time I squeeze out a dollop.

Summer luxury in one drop

Summer scent aside, the Body Butter works wonders on dry skin and keeps me moisturized all day long. In addition to my arms and legs, I’ve been using it on my pregnant stomach lately, because it just seems so decadent and nourishing.

According to the brand, that’s because there are many good-for-you ingredients packed into the Body Butter beyond the scent of coconut. Shea Butter, Illipe Butter, Grape Seed Oil and Jojoba Esters work to moisturize and hydrate the skin, while Honey and Aloe Vera help to soothe.

You can quench your thirst for an indulgent summer treat (with no calories!) at Sephora, LauraMercier.com and wherever Laura Mercier is sold in department stores nationwide.

Photos: Anne Houseman/BeautyXpose

With Laura Mercier, Life’s a Peach

From tops to purses to fingernails, tangerine has been all the rage this season. But for those of us who like a subtler look when it comes to makeup, Laura Mercier knows life’s a peach.

Recently the brand has introduced three new blush shades that are simply peachy keen.

Three new peach blush shades by Laura Mercier: Left - Second Skin Cheek Colour in Peach Whisper; Top - Second Skin Cheek Colour in Sweet Mandarin; Right - Sheer Creme Color in Pink Cheek Veil

Two of the new peach blushes are from Laura Mercier’s Second Skin Cheek Colour line ($24 each).  These blushes are made of super soft, finely-milled powder that go on so smoothly that it feels like you’re applying silk to your cheeks. This spring, Laura Mercier added five new permanent shades to the Second Skin Cheek Colour collection (there are 18 total), including Peach Whisper and Sweet Mandarin.

Peach Whisper

Peach Whisper is a matte light peach with muted orange-y brown undertones. It’s a great blush for contouring cheek bones, while offering a subtle bit of peach color.  Sweet Mandarin, on the other hand, is a more vibrant pink-hued peach blush, which contains small flecks of shimmer. It actually reminds me a lot of NARS Orgasm, and it’s perfect for giving your cheeks a healthy pop of flushed color.

Laura Mercier has also recently released a new Sheer Crème Colour line of blush available in three limited edition shades ($22 each). The peachy shade in this bunch is called Pink Cheek Veil. Belying its name, this shade is really more of a peach with reddish undertones. It goes on completely matte (shimmer-free) and applies very sheer, so it gives a nice glow to the apples of your cheeks that looks really natural. I had to apply it very thick with several swipes in this photo so you could see the true color.

Top - Pink Cheek Veil; Middle - Sweet Mandarin; Bottom - Peach Whisper

The best part about these new blushes is that they’re easy to carry, because you can add all of them into Laura Mercier’s Custom Compacts, which let you create your own one-of-a-kind peach cheeks palette!

Which one is your favorite?

Photos: Anne Houseman/BeautyXpose; Laura Mercier