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Fall in Love with LUSH

If you’re all about going green, you need to check out LUSH. I recently had my first LUSH experience when my friend Michaila, who works at LUSH on Newbury Street, set up a party for a bunch of us girls. We went one night after the store closed and enjoyed snacks and drinks before we were given facials, foot treatments and hand treatments.

Dark Angels Deep Cleansing Charcoal Scrub

LUSH sells fresh handmade cosmetics of all kind. From lip balms and scrubs to shampoo and moisturizer, they do it all.  One of the best aspects of LUSH is in their sustainability efforts. They package their products minimally and even give their customers incentives to reduce waste. If you bring in five of their black pots, which are BPA-Free and made from 100 percent post-consumer recycled plastic, you receive a free face mask.

However, their sustainability efforts don’t stop at packaging. When choosing ingredients for their products, LUSH prefers to use ingredients that are produced in a sustainable way. They try to choose natural ingredients as much as possible, doing their best to stay away from synthetic ingredients. Over 70 percent of their products are wholly unpreserved and they strive to increase this percentage even more.

There are so many great products at LUSH that cater to different skin types and needs. Luckily, I didn’t have to choose through all of their amazing products on my own. The LUSH employees at the party knew what they were talking about and helped me pick some products that work best for my skin.

Eau Roma Water Toner

After describing my skin, the woman at LUSH who did my facial used products that could help my problem areas. The facial was so relaxing and I’m obsessed with the products she used. She recommended Dark Angels, a deep cleansing charcoal scrub that is meant for anyone who has excess oil or blemishes. It’s a little funny to use it for the first time because it’s black, but I quickly got over that. You take a little bit of the product and mix it with some water and it produces a great scrub. Another favorite of mine that she recommended is the Eau Roma Water toner. The fresh rose water helps to even skin tone and improve its appearance.

For days where I don’t feel like putting on a lot of makeup, she suggested I mix Vanishing Cream with Dark Yellow Color Supplement. I love this combination because it’s so light. I feel like there’s nothing on my face and it gives me a really natural look while masking any signs of redness.

Vanishing Cream for Oily Skin
Dark Yellow Color Supplement

I cannot recommend LUSH products enough. I’m so happy that I’ve started to use their products and know I’m going to be using their cosmetics from now on. If you haven’t tried anything from LUSH yet, ask a consultant for help and they’ll suggest great products for your specific needs.