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Beat the Heat: 4 Ways to Melt-Proof Your Makeup

Professional Makeup Artist Victoria Stiles
Professional Makeup Artist Victoria Stiles

It’s summertime, and the living’s easy…but not necessarily for your makeup. Those of us in the warmest climates are already getting a preview of the months to come with temperatures soaring well into the 90s. So what’s a makeup-lovin’ gal to do, short of saying “ciao” to her beauty products for three months? Simple: Melt-proof your makeup.

Professional makeup artist Victoria Stiles, who works with clients across the globe for publications, ads, celebrities, and events, shares these simple tips to avoid a major makeup meltdown.

1. Begin with the Skin. Stiles says the first step is to take care of your skin. To set the stage for a melt-proof look, she stresses the importance of  properly cleansing and moisturizing before applying makeup. “For problematic skin, I would suggest to see a dermatologist so that you can get a professional skin care daily regimen,” she advises.

summer makeup2. Use a Primer. Stiles says those with normal to oily skin types have the hardest time keeping makeup on during the summer. To help foundation stay put, she recommends starting with a foundation base or primer. “Makeup will adhere better to the skin with the application of a primer product, especially on hot, humid days,” she says. She recommends Natural Born Cosmetics Liquid Shine Eliminator from Paint and Powder Cosmetics in Chantilly, Va.

3. Check the Ingredients. Certain ingredients used in makeup products, like silica and polymer, can make all the difference in avoiding a makeup meltdown, according to Stiles. She explains that silica is an absorbent ingredient and can control oil secretion, while polymers adhere to the skin.

4. Go Easy on “Waterproof” Makeup. While waterproof products may seem like the logical choice, that’s not necessarily your best bet. According to Stiles, you should only wear waterproof makeup when you’re planning on swimming, as waterproof face makeup tends to clog pores and cause break-outs, and waterproof mascaras can dry lashes and cause breakage. Stiles says instead, look for water-resistant products like COVERGIRL Lash Blast Length water resistant mascara and MAKE UP FOR EVER’s Aqua Cream eye shadow.

So now that we know how to keep our makeup from sliding off, what shades should we be putting on in the first place? Stiles says summer is a great time to experiment with color. “Right now, I am loving blues and aqua-marine shades for the eyes with a subtle pink lip,” she said. Stiles recommends MAKE UP FOR EVER Pearly Waterproof Eyeshadow Pencil in Steel Blue and Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar in Memento.

Photos: Victoria Stiles, Nicholas LaClair