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Foot Fetish Friday: Covered Ruffle Wedge Boots

As fall fashions hit the shelves, we can’t help but drool over the prospect of strutting down the sidewalk in a pair of new suede boots. With so many trends ready for the taking — covered wedges, ruffles and asymmetrical cuts — why not combine them in one boot, like these N.Y.L.A. Shalee Booties? Are you inspired by their trendy style, or do you think they were already out before they were in?

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Foot Fetish Friday: Are Basket-Weave Booties a Schwing! or a Miss?

It looks like baskets aren’t just for Easter bunnies!  But do these basket-weave booties make you look like a flashy Playboy bunny or a demure velveteen rabbit?  With white leather, small gold studs, zipper backs and a stacked stiletto, these N.Y.L.A Isabel Leather Platform Booties certainly are striking. Tell us – do they have you hopping for joy or thumping away as fast as you can?


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